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$0.49 24H Price $0.53

MATIC Price Live Data

Polygon today's live price is $0.49 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $233,673,853 USD. Polygon has dropped by 7.15% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #14, with a live market cap of $4,922,448,742 USD, and a circulating supply of 9,897,778,587 MATIC coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
9,897,778,587 MATIC
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 4,973,286,378


FTX and Alameda receive 11.5 million MATIC from Polygon staking contract

PeckShield has monitored that FTX and Alameda Research have received 11.5 million MATIC tokens, worth approximately 9.8 million US dollars, from the Polygon PoS Staking Contract.

Polygon network gas surges to over 2900 gwei

On November 16th, according to Polygonscan data, the gas fee for the Polygon network surged and is currently at 2900.4 gwei.

32 addresses have deposited a total of 77.56 million MATIC into CEX

According to Lookonchain monitoring, out of 70 addresses that received a total of 217 million MATIC from the Polygon: Ecosystem Growth address, 32 addresses have deposited a total of 77.56 million MATIC (approximately $70.6 million) into exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Coinbase, and Bitfinex after receiving the tokens.

Polygon Ecosystem Growth Address distributed 217 million MATIC to 70 addresses

Polygon: Ecosystem Growth distributed a total of 217 million MATIC tokens (worth $199 million) to 70 addresses in the past 12 hours, as monitored by Twitter user Yu Jin. Most of these addresses had previously received the same amount of MATIC from Polygon: Ecosystem Growth address one year ago.

Lookonchain: Polygon Ecological Fund transferred $46 million worth of MATIC in the past 2 hours

According to Lookonchain monitoring, the Polygon ecosystem growth wallet transferred $46 million worth of MATIC to 10 new wallets in the past 2 hours. Among them, two wallets deposited $5.7 million worth of MATIC into OKX after receiving it.

Paidun: Justin Sun withdrew 764,000 MATIC from Binance

On November 14th, according to PeckShield monitoring, Justin Sun's address withdrew 764,740 MATIC tokens (worth about $479,700) from Binance 5 minutes ago.

MATIC Price Shoots Another 9% As Polygon Enters New Macro Uptrend

Polygon's MATIC has witnessed strong number of whale transactions showing increased institutional participation in the crypto.

Polygon surpasses Flow to become the fourth largest blockchain in terms of NFT sales

According to the latest data from cryptoslam, Polygon has surpassed Flow to become the fourth largest blockchain in terms of NFT sales. The data shows that the total NFT sales on the current Polygon chain is approximately 1.273 billion US dollars, while the total NFT sales on the Flow chain is 1.26 billion US dollars. In addition, the top three blockchain platforms for NFT sales are currently Ethereum ($41.348 billion), Ronin ($4.252 billion), and Solana ($4.229 billion).

Data: About 19.9 million MATIC transferred from unknown wallet to Coinbase

According to Whale Alert monitoring, 19,896,435 MATIC (approximately $16,443,201) was transferred from an unknown wallet to Coinbase.

About $28 million worth of MATIC transferred to Coinbase

According to Whale Alert monitoring, 33,946,989 MATIC (about $28,028,180) were transferred from an unknown wallet to Coinbase.

Polygon zkEVM TVL reaches $100 million, a new high

According to l2beat data, Polygon zkEVM TVL reached $100 million, a new high.

Galaxy Digital withdraws 7 million MATIC from Binance

According to Scopescan monitoring, Galaxy Digital has withdrawn 7 million MATIC tokens (worth $5.89 million) from Binance.

Polygon launches $90 million ecosystem development fund Polygon Village

Polygon Labs is launching Polygon Village 2.0 with the aim of driving ecosystem development with $90 million in funding. The project will receive funding, guidance, and ecosystem support of over 110 million MATIC to help develop their applications. (The Block)

13,369,995 MATIC transferred from Polygon Stake to unknown wallet

Whale Alert monitoring showed that at 14:22 Beijing time, 13,369,995 MATIC tokens (worth $10,748,509) were transferred from Polygon Stake to an unknown wallet.

NEAR and Polygon to Create Zero-Knowledge Prover for WASM-Based Blockchains

NEAR and Polygon networks have announced a collaboration to create a zero-knowledge (ZK) prover for Web Assembly (WASM) blockchains. The new prover, called "zkWASM," will enable WASM-based networks to join the Polygon ecosystem for the first time, providing greater security, scalability, developer flexibility, and interoperability in the open web. The zkWASM prover is currently in active development and will be integrated into Polygon's chain development kit (CDK) once completed, allowing developers to create WASM networks and integrate them into the broader Polygon ecosystem. The collaboration will also improve validator efficiency on the NEAR network, resulting in better scalability and increased decentralization.

Magic Eden strengthens its support for Polygon with multiple new features and publicly releases its Polygon API

NFT platform Magic Eden is enhancing its support for Polygon through new features such as aggregation tools that can integrate multiple market listings. The company stated in a declaration that it has also implemented royalty enforcement on its Polygon PoS market and publicly released its Polygon API to enable project integration with market functionality. Jinse Finance previously reported that Magic Eden was initially launched as a digital asset market for Solana, and added support for Polygon in November 2022.

Gauntlet launches new proposal for Polygon V3, proposing to set supply and borrowing caps for agEUR and jEUR

Gauntlet has launched a new proposal for Polygon V3 in the Aave community. Based on Gauntlet's supply and borrowing limit methods, Gauntlet proposes to set supply and borrowing limits for agEUR and jEUR. Currently, agEUR borrowing is disabled as a borrowing option and cannot be used as collateral. Nevertheless, all assets should have supply and borrowing limits set. The proposal will be snapshot on November 13, 2023.

Polygon: The number of daily active addresses increased by 1.6% in Q3, and the pledge volume and retention rate increased.

Messari recently released its research report on Polygon for the third quarter of this year. The report shows that the number of daily active addresses on Polygon has increased by 1.6%, from 359,000 addresses at the end of the second quarter to 364,000 addresses at the end of the third quarter. The retention rate of the Polygon network has also improved. The average daily return address has increased by 4.8%, from over 273,400 addresses to over 286,000 addresses. The amount of MATIC token staking has also increased. Data shows that 36.3% of the current total supply of MATIC is staked, an increase of 0.9% from the previous quarter. In the third quarter of last year, only 32.6% of the total supply of MATIC was staked, an increase of nearly 4 percentage points. (thecryptobasic)

OpenSea Pro is launched on Polygon

OpenSea Pro has announced the launch on Polygon, allowing users to set blockchain chain preferences in custom mode, switch between various chains, or browse collections on two chains simultaneously.

More than 65.5 million MATICs have been migrated to POL on Ethereum

On November 2nd, analyst Tom Wan stated on social media that over 65.5 million (0.655%) MATIC tokens have been migrated to POL on Ethereum. The migration of MATIC on Polygon POS will begin in early 2024 (approximately 1 billion MATIC), while the migration of staked MATIC will begin in mid-2024 (approximately 3.7 billion MATIC).

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