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VeChain: We are aware of the X-node reward balance issue caused by infrastructure upgrade

VeChain announced that they were aware of some users experiencing balance issues with X Node rewards after a infrastructure upgrade last Friday. The VeChain team stated that their engineers are investigating the issue and working on a fix. Once the issue is confirmed and resolved, they will update the community in a timely manner.

VeChain announces the launch of VeBetterDAO

According to official sources, VeChain announced the launch of VeBetterDAO. The goal of VeBetterDAO is to accelerate the adoption of VeChain through user-friendly dApps, with the aim of directly supplementing the existing token structure by increasing transaction demand and usage.

VeChain’s official Twitter was hacked and phishing links were posted

The security team Harpie has issued a warning that the official VeChain Twitter account has been hacked and a phishing link has been posted under the guise of an airdrop. Currently, the phishing post has been deleted. The project has not made any further statements regarding this incident.

VeChain Foundation Launches Decentralized Self-Hosted Wallet VeWorld Mobile Version

September 21st, according to an official announcement, the VeChain Foundation launched the mobile version of the decentralized self-hosted wallet VeWorld, and added native NFT viewing functionality.

Coinbase: Vet and Vtho Are Officially Listed

Coinbase Assets announced on social media that VeChain (VET) and VeThor (VTHO) are now officially listed on the Coinbase official website, iOS and Android apps. Coinbase users can log in to the platform to buy, sell, exchange, send, receive or store related assets.

VeChain (VET) Adoption Grows with Coinbase and Binance Listings and New Mobile Wallet UI

July 3 (Cointime) - The adoption of Vechain (VET) has seen significant growth with recent developments. Coinbase announced in June that it would list VET and VeThor (VTHO) on its platform, while Binance added VET to its list of 10 cryptocurrencies that can be traded directly against USD and USDT.

VeChain, the Leading Enterprise-Grade L1 Blockchain, Held a “Sustainability Masterclass” Event in Florida To Drive the Digital Revolution Through New Technologies

June 26 (Cointime) -VeChain hosted a "Web3 Sustainability Masterclass" event in Florida to support continuous dApp development through and new VET micro-education. Senior Technical Mission team leaders briefed participants on their mission, platform, and latest releases, including updates to the Hardhat, Remix, and Open Zeppelin libraries,, and more. Additionally, VeChainThor is driving the digital revolution and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Also working with worldofv_art and EXplusnft, a physical digitized trophy was made for the StreetSkateboardingRome finals, embedding an NFC chip to access the unique NFT.

Coinbase added VeChain ($VET) and VeThor ($VTHO) Assets to the Roadmap Today

June 23 (Cointime) -As part of an effort to increase transparency by providing as much information symmetry as possible, Coinbase will be using this blog post to communicate when we have made a decision to list an asset. Now,Coinbase added VeChain ($VET) and VeThor ($VTHO) Assets to the Roadmap Today.

VeChain Launches New Virtual Node to Enhance High Availability

VeChain has introduced a new virtual node to improve high availability and resilience by automatically redirecting requests to live nodes and retrying failed requests. This approach adds a valuable safety net to the existing node infrastructure, which is important as single nodes often fail and outages are likely to occur. The virtual node has been battle-tested in different dApps over the past six months and adjustments have been made to handle outages. VeChain has two types of nodes: Authority nodes, which validate all blockchain transactions and require a full KYC and application procedure, and Economic nodes, which provide stability to the ecosystem and require a minimum of 1,000,000 VET to access.

VeChain Price Analysis: Bears Take Control as Price Drops to $0.01946

The VeChain price has dropped to $0.01946, with a continuous bearish trend throughout the day. More sellers are attracted to selling their assets, resulting in a further decline in VET price levels. The short-term trend line is moving downward, indicating a bearish market. The Bollinger band values show the upper band at $0.01982 and the lower band at $0.01887, while the RSI score has decreased to 43. The 1-day and 4-hour VeChain price analysis confirms the downtrend, with the bears at the leading edge.