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OpenSea: Blast NFT has been launched on L2 network

OpenSea announced on the X platform that Blast NFT on L2 network has been launched and is now available for sale, purchase, or offer on OpenSea. Blast stated that using WETH to bid on Blast NFT on OpenSea means that users will automatically receive native Blast points when bidding on NFTs.

OpenSea: Fractional Uprising was removed for trying to provide financial tools

According to a representative from the NFT marketplace OpenSea, the NFT project Fractional Uprising has been taken down due to violating the platform's terms of service. The representative stated that OpenSea's terms of service include a prohibition on "using the service to engage in any financial activity related to creating, issuing, selling, or purchasing securities, commodities, options, or debt instruments." Any party attempting to offer financial instruments on OpenSea is directly in violation of the company's policy and will face enforcement action, including takedown and, in some cases, account bans. Fractional Uprising NFT reportedly offered game access and other benefits, including in-game items and potential token airdrop rewards, but the project team denied plans to offer any type of securities issuance.

OpenSea: The total number of wallets created using email has exceeded 100,000

NFT trading service provider OpenSea has disclosed on social media that the total number of embedded wallets created using email has exceeded 100,000 since the introduction of the new feature three weeks ago. It is reported that OpenSea users can now register and create self-hosted wallets simply by using their email address, and can buy, sell, add, send and receive cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

OpenSea CEO: Open to potential acquisition

Devin Finzer, the CEO and co-founder of OpenSea, has stated that the company remains open to potential acquisition deals. Finzer added, "The honest answer is that OpenSea takes a fairly open approach, and if there's a good fit with a partner, we'll consider it," but he also stated that OpenSea is not actively seeking buyers and does not have any plans to be acquired. Regarding competitor Blur, Finzer said he is not worried because OpenSea is focused on building a brand that ensures user safety by removing any fraudulent or problematic product series.

OKX NFT market volume surpasses Blur and OpenSea

DappRadar data shows that in the past 24 hours, the NFT trading volume on OKX has exceeded $50 million, while the trading volume on Blur is $13.21 million and on OpenSea is $3.25 million.

Opensea: Temporarily disable Ledger Connect support on OpenSea and OpenSea Pro

Opensea stated on X platform that it has temporarily disabled Ledger Connect support on OpenSea and OpenSea Pro until the Ledger security incident is fully resolved.

OpenSea: Will help contract migration for NFT series affected by thirdweb security vulnerability

On December 5th, OpenSea announced that they have contacted web3 development tool platform Thirdweb to investigate security vulnerabilities affecting certain NFT collections. They will assist affected NFT collection owners with any OpenSea changes related to contract migration.

OpenSea: Contacting Thirdweb about security holes in some NFT collections

OpenSea posted on social media X, stating that we are in contact with Thirdweb to understand the security vulnerabilities of some NFT collections.
OpenSea: Contacting Thirdweb about security holes in some NFT collections

Blur currently accounts for nearly 80% of NFT trading volume

According to data from The Block's dashboard, as trading activity has surged, the Blur NFT market currently accounts for nearly 80% of NFT trading volume. In just four days since December began, NFT trading volume has reached nearly $90 million, with nearly $70 million coming from trades on the Blur NFT market, while OpenSea's NFT market share has fallen to a low of nearly 17% of total trading volume.

Tiger Global's largest risk fund reduced its holdings of BAYC shares and OpenSea shares

According to insiders, investors in the largest venture capital fund under Tiger Global Management suffered an 18% paper loss at the end of September after the company reduced the valuations of several portfolio companies. Insiders say the $13 billion Private Investment Partners 15 fund lowered the valuation of AI-driven email company Superhuman by 45% and lowered the valuation of privacy search engine platform DuckDuckGo by 72%. Insiders also say Tiger Global reduced its stake in Bored Ape Yacht Club by 69% and reduced its stake in NFT marketplace OpenSea by 94%. Last year, Tiger Global reduced the valuation of its risk fund by about 33%, resulting in a $23 billion decrease in value. The PIP 15 fund completed its final close last year.