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OpenSea users and developers have been targeted by various email phishing

OpenSea users and developers have become targets of various email phishing attempts, including false developer account risk alerts and fake NFT promotions. An OpenSea developer reported receiving a phishing email specifically targeting their OpenSea application programming interface (API) key on social media. Another OpenSea user expressed confusion on Reddit about ongoing phishing activities, stating that they haven't used OpenSea in years and received a phishing email about NFT promotions.

OpenSea and Optimism jointly launch an on-chain art competition with a total reward pool of 1 million OPs

NFT aggregation trading platform OpenSea announced a five-week on-chain creator art competition "We [Heart] The Art" in collaboration with Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Optimism, and will provide 1 million OP tokens as rewards for on-chain creators. The deadline for submitting works for this competition is 7:00 am Beijing time on December 14th.

Coatue Management reduces OpenSea stake by 90%

According to documents reviewed by TheInformation, Coatue Management, a US investment management company focused on technology, has reduced its stake in OpenSea by nearly 90%. Coatue reduced its stake in the NFT platform worth $120 million to $13 million in the second quarter of 2023. This move indicates that OpenSea's valuation is not more than $1.4 billion. In addition to OpenSea, Coatue also reduced its stake in MoonPay, a web3 infrastructure company, by 90%.

OpenSea lays off 50% of its staff and will reposition the team around "OpenSea 2.0"

NFT market OpenSea has confirmed that it has laid off about half of its employees on Friday. OpenSea co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer said, "We are repositioning the team around 'OpenSea 2.0', which is a major upgrade to our product, including fundamental technology, reliability, speed, quality, and experience. We will change the way we operate, move towards smaller teams, and engage directly with users." A spokesperson added that OpenSea will adopt a flatter organizational structure. Employees affected by the layoffs will receive four months of severance pay, six months of healthcare and mental health services, and accelerated equity cash-out. Previously, due to the impact of the crypto winter and macroeconomic instability, OpenSea had laid off 20% of its employees in July last year. 

OpenSea lays off 50% of its workforce and will reposition the team around "OpenSea 2.0"

NFT marketplace company OpenSea confirmed to Decrypt that it has laid off about half of its employees, with a company representative stating that approximately 50% of the entire company was affected. OpenSea co-founder and CEO Devin Finzer posted on X platform, saying, "Today, we are repositioning our team around 'OpenSea 2.0,' a major upgrade to our product that includes fundamental technology, reliability, speed, quality, and experience. We will change how we operate, moving towards smaller teams that directly engage with users. During the rebuild, we will continue to support existing products and iterate on OpenSea 2.0 in public testing - staying agile, professional, and focused."
OpenSea lays off 50% of its workforce and will reposition the team around "OpenSea 2.0"

OpenSea Pro is launched on Polygon

OpenSea Pro has announced the launch on Polygon, allowing users to set blockchain chain preferences in custom mode, switch between various chains, or browse collections on two chains simultaneously.

OpenSea releases update: new video banner and creator-specific options on collection page

NFT trading platform OpenSea has announced an update to its platform. The top banner now supports videos, images, and GIFs, and a new tab has been added that includes modules for text, images, and videos to help users understand project narratives. Creators can easily follow NFTs and related collections, while also gaining a comprehensive understanding of the project's roadmap, team introduction, and frequently asked questions.

OpenSea will list Grammy Award-winning artist’s new NFT series Monster Party

OpenSea announced that it will launch a new NFT series called Monster Party by Grammy-winning album artist Dave Van Patten, with 4,444 non-generative image sets featuring over 100 characters and over 60 hand-drawn backgrounds that are scanned and digitally colored, then modified by Dave Van Patten. The collection will be available for purchase starting at 6:00AM on Saturday Beijing time. All Monster Party collectors will have the opportunity to exchange for physical prints and will be eligible for exclusive custom picture CD vinyl records.

OpenSea: Android users can now list NFTs using mobile app

OpenSea has announced on the X platform that Android users can now list NFTs on their mobile app.

The Block Analyst: The Blur Royalty Mechanism Has Caused a Sharp Decline in Yuga Labs’ Royalty Income

According to The Block's analysis, Blur's introduction of a 0.5% royalty has greatly eroded the revenue of NFT studio Yuga Labs. Yuga Labs' royalty revenue for the third quarter of this year plummeted from $8.7 million in the first quarter to $2.5 million.