Jeremy Neilson



Jeremy Neilson is the CEO and Founder of Assure Services (“Assure”). Assure Services is a fund administration consulting firm that provides the most complete back office services in the market for fund managers, equity crowdfunding platforms, angel groups and other private-transaction investors.

Assure’s combination of multi-faceted expertise, efficiency and value is unique in the private equity marketplace. Because of the firm’s distinctive focus on the evolving needs of private transaction investors and projects, it services more financial transactions than any other firm of its kind.

Jeremy has provided support and leadership for some of the most innovative and dynamic industry initiatives in the U.S.--including launching and managing the State of Utah’s $300 million Fund of Funds program, providing due diligence and advisory services for the U.S. Small Business Administration’s $1-billion early-stage venture capital initiative, and created the LLC syndicate (SPV) administration service used by AngelList, SeedInvest, EquityZen and more.

Mr. Neilson holds a finance degree from Brigham Young University, an MBA from the University of Utah and a Juris Doctorate from Wake Forest University School of Law.


Number of Current Jobs
Jeremy Neilson has 1 current jobs including Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director & Founder at Assure , .
Organization Name Title At Company Start Date End Date
Assure Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director & Founder Jan 1, 2020 Detail