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Allied Bank Partners with Synapsify Systems and Fasset to Advance Metaverse and Web3.0 Initiatives

Allied Bank has partnered with Synapsify Systems and Fasset to advance its Metaverse and Web3.0 initiatives, aiming to provide an enhanced virtual interface for its customers. The virtual touchpoint will allow users to personalize their avatars and gain insights into the bank's offerings.

Sanrio Hong Kong and MetaGaia Launch ChatGPT-Enabled Hello Kitty Character in the Metaverse

MetaGaia and the parent company of cultural brand Hello Kitty, Sanrio Hong Kong, announced today that they have launched a Hello Kitty character that supports ChatGPT in MetaGaia's Hello Kitty Seven Wonders. Fans can now have real-time conversations with Hello Kitty in the Hello Kitty Seven Wonders metaverse, including one-on-one chats with "Hello Kitty Queen," "Dreamcatcher Hello Kitty," or "Baker Hello Kitty."

Director of the Hong Kong Digital Asset Society: “The Metaverse Is Outdated and Artificial Intelligence Is Now the Mainstream” Is Too Hasty and Arbitrary

Zou Jianhong, a member of the Hong Kong Digital Asset Society and the honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park's Keyp Network, said in a Ming Pao special that the statement "metaverse is outdated, and artificial intelligence is now mainstream" is too hasty and arbitrary.

Data: Number of MUA Boarding Pass Holders Exceeds 50,000

According to official sources, MUA DAO announced that the number of MUA Boarding Pass holders has exceeded 50,000 people.It is reported that Metaverse Universal Assets (MUA) is a DAO aimed at achieving true adoption of the metaverse.

China Proposes Digital ID System for Metaverse Users, Similar to Social Credit System

China is reportedly proposing a digital ID system for users of the Metaverse and other online virtual worlds, similar to its social credit system. The proposed system would collect personal information and identifiable signs, including a person's job, to maintain order and safety in the virtual world. The digital ID would allow authorities to quickly find and punish problem users, similar to the enforcement tool of China's social credit system.

LG Display plans to accelerate the transition to OLED, looking for new opportunities in the field of mobile phones and the metaverse

At the K-Display industry conference, LG Display CEO Jeong Ho-young stated that although the display panel market is currently difficult, there is still a direction for growth. LG Display plans to accelerate its transition to OLED and look for new opportunities in the smartphone and metaverse fields. At the same time, he also stated that the company expects OLED panel penetration in IT products to grow fivefold in the next five years, becoming the main solution for the smartphone and TV display panel markets. LG Display will announce its plans for the eighth generation OLED product later on.

Data: The Number of Addresses Held by MUABoardingPass Exceeded 20,000

MUA DAO announced that its MUABoardingPass holders have exceeded 20,000. It is reported that Metaverse Universal Assets (MUA) is a DAO aimed at achieving true adoption of the metaverse.

Beosin: Suspension of Shibarium Recommended

Security company Beosin Alert has issued a reminder that transactions on Shibarium are in a pending state. Currently, $1.7 million is locked in ETH. Users are advised to temporarily stop using Shibarium. According to previous reports, Shiba Inu developers have launched the Ethereum L2 expansion solution Shibarium main network.

Gaosheng Group will donate 10 million yuan to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to fund the establishment of Metaverse Laboratory

On August 10th,  "Hong Kong Polytechnic University-Gaosheng Group Metaverse+ Joint Laboratory" jointly established by Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Gaosheng Group (01283) was officially launched. Gaosheng Group plans to donate 10 million yuan to PolyU in the next five years to support the development and research projects and operation of the Joint Laboratory.

Highstreet Collaborates With Jay Chou’s Fashion Brand PHANTACi To Launch PHANTACi Peninsula

The metaverse project Highstreet announced a partnership with Jay Chou's fashion brand PHANTACi. The two parties will launch a unique area called PHANTACi Peninsula in Highstreet World to provide fans with innovative interactive experiences, including unique virtual world landmarks, limited edition merchandise, and special discounts for PhantaBear holders.