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$0.84 24H Price $0.89

SUI Price Live Data

Sui today's live price is $0.85 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $148,683,149 USD. Sui has dropped by 0.41% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #77, with a live market cap of $2,136,192,611 USD, and a circulating supply of 2,512,208,504 SUI coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
2,512,208,504 SUI
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 8,503,245,683


Exploring Sui’s Object-Centric Model and the Move Programming Language

A closer look at how Sui’s object-centric model and the Move language can improve blockchain scalability and smart contract development.

Sui Foundation launches new incubator with Cetus and Aftermath Finance, with initial investment of $2 million

Sui Foundation collaborated with Sui ecosystem liquidity protocol Cetus and Sui liquidity staking protocol Aftermath Finance to launch a new incubator. The incubator will initially invest $2 million in the project teams accepted by the incubator and promise to further invest when a large number of high-quality teams and projects emerge. Currently, the first project being incubated is a governance platform, DAO tool, and multi-signature solution.

Sui Network addresses claims about its token supply

Sui maintains that its tokenomics are sound and that it uses reputable third parties to handle token storage.

Sui: The tokens are locked by a third-party custodian, cannot be traded and are kept safe

In response to recent social media doubts about the SUI token model and founder-controlled tokens, Sui tweeted that its unlocked tokens are locked by a third-party custodian, cannot be traded, and are safely stored. Mysten Labs founder (Sui development team) does not control the Sui Foundation's treasury, community reserves, staking subsidies, or any tokens allocated to investors.

Justin Bons: All of SUI’s “unallocated” supply has been allocated

Justin Bons, the founder of Cyber Capital, stated on X platform that the SUI Foundation has responded, and the fact proves that all of SUI's "undistributed" supply has been allocated, and the upcoming tokens to be released have confirmed my statement, that over 84% of the shares are controlled by the "founders".

Sui mainnet has been upgraded to version V1.22.0

According to official sources, Sui mainnet has now been upgraded to version V1.22.0, and the Sui protocol has been upgraded to version 42. The upgrade includes providing more accurate rounding calculations in the Deepbook accessor function (read-only), adding support for serialize-signed-transaction and serialize-unsigned-transaction flags, fixing an error where the sui client verify-bytecode-meter incorrectly returns the tick used by the last function to be verified as the tick used by the last module to be verified, and enabling EC (elliptic curve) operations in Move.

SUI breaks above $2

The market shows that SUI has broken through 2 US dollars and is now reporting at 2.01 US dollars, with a daily increase of 6.35%. The market fluctuates greatly, so please be prepared for risk control.

Sui mainnet upgraded to version V1.20.1

According to official sources, Sui mainnet has now been upgraded to version V1.20.1, and the Sui protocol has been upgraded to version 38. Other upgrade highlights include: if no parameters are provided when using the sui client ptb command, the help menu will now be displayed. Support for writing and executing programmable transaction blocks (PTB) from CLI. Refusal to use variable Random for the entry function of Publish command. A new command has been added to CLI: sui client balance, which displays the balance of the address.

SUI breaks above $1.7

The market shows that SUI has broken through $1.7 and is now trading at $1.71, with a daily increase of 24.82%. The market is volatile, so please be prepared for risk management.

Sui's top de-neutral stablecoin BUCK announced that it supports the use of NAVX as collateral for mortgage

On March 10th, Sui announced that its top-level decentralized stablecoin BUCK now supports using NAVX as collateral for loans.It is reported that NAVX is the token of the NAVI Protocol project, which is involved in lending and LSDefi on the top of Sui, and has the functions of collateral and participation in project equity.

Sui Foundation: Greek stock exchange ATHEX is evaluating exploring financing capabilities on Sui Network

The Sui Foundation has officially announced that the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX) is evaluating financing functions on the Sui Network. They may attempt to establish and deploy their electronic order book building (EBB) service on Sui and allow Sui to host ATHEX securities as digital certificates. In addition, Sui can parallelly expand and process transactions, achieving industry-leading throughput and providing the performance required by ATHEX's service customers. It is reported that the project is currently in the evaluation stage and will ultimately depend on its performance and whether ATHEX is willing to use the blockchain-based hosting function.

Scallop completes US$3 million in strategic financing, led by THE CMS and 6MV

On March 3rd, Scallop, a Sui ecological lending protocol, announced on social media that it has completed a strategic financing of 3 million US dollars, with THE CMS and 6MV jointly leading the investment, and KuCoin Labs, 7UpDAO, Side Door Ventures, Oak Grove Ventures, Signum Capital, Blockchain Founders Fund, Cypher Capital Group, Mysten Labs, Kyros Ventures and others participating in the investment.

Sui Foundation announced a new batch of funding projects: 12 projects including Mofa Labs and Turbos Finance were selected

The Sui Foundation announced the funding recipients for January and February of this year. A total of 12 projects were selected, including:

Sui TVL crosses $450 million

According to CoinDesk, Layer1 blockchain Sui's total value locked (TVL) has surpassed $450 million, increasing 10 times in four months, surpassing Cardano, Base, and others. Currently, it is the 11th highest TVL blockchain on DeFiLlama, second only to PulseChina. According to DeFiLlama data, there are currently 22 DeFi protocols on Sui, two of which have a TVL of over $100 million, namely Scallop Lend and NAVI Protocol.

Sui TVL exceeds US$400 million, surpassing Base

Sui Network announced that Sui's total locked value (TVL) has exceeded $400 million and surpassed Base, currently ranking 11th on all chains on DefiLlama.

Sui briefly exceeded US$1.49, and network TVL exceeded US$400 million.

According to OKX market data on January 27th, Sui briefly broke through $1.49 before slightly falling back, currently priced at $1.45 with a 24% increase in the past 24 hours.

SUI briefly exceeded $1.3, TVL rose above $350 million

According to OKX market data, SUI has broken through 1.3 US dollars in a short time, and the TVL of the public chain has now risen above 350 million US dollars.

Sui Foundation Teams Up with Stork to Enhance Real-Time Pricing Data for Traders and Builders

The Sui Foundation, the organization responsible for the Sui blockchain, which has a valuation of $2 billion, has partnered with Stork, an off-chain data feed oracle. The collaboration aims to provide real-time pricing data to app developers, DEXs, and lending protocols building on Sui's blockchain. Stork claims to outpace other decentralized oracles by publishing updates for more than 80 price feeds in milliseconds. The oracle will offer mark prices, which are important for derivatives trading, as they balance and smoothen out abnormal price fluctuations during times of high volatility.

SUI breaks above $1.3

The market shows SUI breaking through $1.3 and is now trading at $1.31, with a daily decline of 4.38%. The market is volatile, so please be prepared to manage risks.

SUI briefly broke through $1.45, with an intraday increase of 13.27%

Market data shows that SUI has broken through $1.45 in the short term and is now trading at $1.4339, with a 24-hour increase of 13.27%. The market is volatile, so please be prepared for risk control.

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