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$1.08 24H Price $1.15

ARB Price Live Data

Arbitrum today's live price is $1.14 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $362,029,560 USD. Arbitrum has climbed by 1.53% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #48, with a live market cap of $3,033,696,511 USD, and a circulating supply of 2,653,939,384 ARB coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
2,653,939,384 ARB
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 11,430,918,617


RabbitHole: Arbitrum backup fund proposal approved, 1 million ARB will be received and distributed to the community

RabbitHole, a Web3 on-chain incentive platform, announced on X platform that the Arbitrum STIP reserve fund proposal has been approved, and will receive one million ARB grants and distribute them to the community. This means that the most loyal users will receive more tasks and higher rewards. It is reported that RabbitHole hopes to build the ArbitrumQuestGateway and distribute one million ARB through incentives to RabbitHole's task users.

Arbitrum One TVL exceeds US$8.1 billion, reaching record high

According to L2beat data , the total locked-in volume of ArbitrumOne has increased by nearly 5% in the past 7 days, reaching a new historical high of $8.13 billion and ranking first in the current L2 locked-in volume ranking.

Arbitrum Community Approves Distribution of $23.4 Million in Tokens for Additional Grant Projects

The Arbitrum community has approved the distribution of 21.1 million ARB tokens worth $23.4 million to 26 additional projects. The proposal was voted on between Nov. 18 and Dec. 2 and will fund a total of 56 projects to support new builders. The decision was not without controversy, as some members argued that a full second round would have been a fairer way to include additional protocols in the incentives program. Arbitrum is a layer-2 networking designed to scale transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, generating revenue through transaction fees.

The public beta version of Rage Trade V2, the perpetual contract protocol, has been launched

The sustainable contract protocol for the Arbitrum ecosystem, Rage Trade, stated in a post on the X platform that the Rage V2 Aggregator has processed $700,000 in transaction volume since its launch 36 hours ago.

A giant whale deposited 3 million ARB into Binance and is currently losing about US$3.5 million on ARB.

According to Lookonchain monitoring, in the past 10 hours, a certain whale deposited 3 million ARB coins (worth 3.11 million US dollars) into Binance. At the peak price, the whale withdrew 6.47 million ARB coins (worth 10.27 million US dollars) from Binance at a price of 1.59 US dollars. Currently, the whale holds 3.52 million ARB coins (worth 3.66 million US dollars) and has lost a total of 3.5 million US dollars on ARB.

GMX distributes 100,000 ARB incentives to ecological project Vaultka

According to official sources, GMX announced that it will distribute 100,000 ARB incentives to Vaultka, all of which will be used for USDC lending pool rewards for a period of 12 weeks. It is understood that Vaultka offers a different income strategy based on LP tokens, which achieves higher returns by leveraging long LP tokens. For lenders (users who provide stablecoins), they can not only receive basic annual percentage yield (APR) returns, but also share a portion of the income based on the leverage multiple selected by the strategy user. Currently, the deposit interest rates on the Vaultka platform are as follows: BTC 14% (coin-based), ETH 14% (coin-based), USDC 20%+45% esVKA emission, of which 10% of USDC income is provided by GMX.

Dolomite has added support for RDNT, PREMIA, and JONES for borrowing and lending

Dolomite, the currency market protocol on Arbitrum, has added support for borrowing and lending RDNT, PREMIA, and JONES.

Market maker protocol Swaap will be listed on Arbitrum

Market maker agreement Swaap announced that it will go live on Arbitrum, and the team is currently running the latest tests before release.

PancakeSwap Perpetual V2 Dumb mode is now available on Arbitrum

PancakeSwap announced on X platform that PancakeSwap Perpetual V2 Dumb mode is now available on Arbitrum.

Phalcon: An unknown project on Arbitrum was attacked, resulting in a loss of more than $40,000

Phalcon posted on X platform, stating that the system detected an unknown project on Arbitrum being attacked, resulting in losses exceeding $40,000. This is similar to the incident that occurred in October. The attacker (0x9e1f13) initiated a series of attack transactions.

The Arbitrum community has opened voting for the "ArbOS version 11" proposal, which includes multiple improvements and bug fixes to the protocol

On November 28th, the Arbitrum community opened voting for the "ArbOS 11 version" AIP proposal, which will end on December 5th at 06:11. Currently, the support rate is 99.78%.<br>The proposal suggests introducing multiple improvements to Arbitrum, including support for EVM upgrades and the PUSH0 opcode, as well as various bug fixes. It is reported that these improvements have been audited and are ready to be adopted, involving Arbitrum Orbit chain, Arbitrum One, and Arbitrum Nova (the proposal involves the latter two), and the ArbOS upgrade can be considered as an Arbitrum hard fork.

BanklessDAO requests 1.82 million ARB from Arbitrum for 12-month campaign

BanklessDAO has requested a grant of 1.82 million ARB from Arbitrum to carry out a 12-month long campaign. These funds will help the organization guide users from awareness to expertise, further promoting adoption. The campaign will focus on three core audiences: developers, DeFi enthusiasts, and gamers.

A giant whale withdrew 701,000 GAL and 691,000 ARB from Binance

According to Spot On Chain's monitoring, about 25 minutes ago, a whale with an address starting with 0x94c withdrew 701,000 GAL ($918,000) and 691,000 ARB ($720,000) from Binance.<br>The whale has withdrawn 9 tokens ILV, MKR, ETH, 1INCH, UNI, GAL, ARB, ENS, and LQTY from Binance in the past 18 days (estimated cost: $16.1 million).<br>The whale has deposited a small amount of MKR and ENS (totaling $758,000) back into Binance.<br>The whale still holds all 9 tokens worth $17.2 million.<br>The estimated profit the whale has made from all tokens is $1.9 million (+14%).

Kyber Network attacker has transferred 1,000 WETH on Arbitrum to address 0x84e

PeckShield monitoring shows that the address marked by Kyber Network as the attacker has transferred 1,000 WETH (worth $2.06 million) to the address 0x84e6...adb4 on Arbitrum. The address 0x84e6...adb4 previously interacted with Indexed Finance Exploiter on Ethereum approximately 705 days ago.

Equilibria: The EQB liquidity pool on Arbitrum was attacked

On November 21st, Equilibria, a yield enhancement protocol based on Pendle, announced that the EQB liquidity pool on Arbitrum had been attacked, and an unknown address had withdrawn all liquidity funds.The Equilibria team is investigating the matter, and preliminary investigations show that the address providing liquidity is a victim of a phishing attack, which has depleted the EQB liquidity pool on Camelot. This is an independent EOA address and has no connection to any Equilibria contract.

The Arbitrum community’s proposal to “Empower Early Contributors: Community Arbiter” has opened for voting

The proposal to "Empower Early Contributors: Community Arbitrator" in the Arbitrum community has started voting and will end at 2:55 on December 5th. The proposal suggests distributing 500,000 ARB tokens evenly among 24 members.

Offchain Labs investor address transfers approximately $86.32 million in ARB

According to Scopescan monitoring, in the past two hours, Offchain Labs, the development team of Arbitrum, transferred ARB worth 86.32 million US dollars to investor addresses. Of this, 35 million ARB (worth 35.9 million US dollars) was transferred to Coinbase Prime, while the rest was dispersed to different ARB ownership contracts.

Arbitrum investor address transfers over $86 million worth of ARB tokens

On November 21st, Scopescan monitoring showed that within the past two hours, the investor address "0x3322" of Arbitrum development company Offchain Labs transferred approximately 86.32 million US dollars worth of ARB tokens. Among them, 35 million ARB tokens (worth about 35.9 million US dollars) were transferred to Coinbase Prime, and the remaining tokens were allocated to different ARB token locking contracts.

GMX has integrated Chainlink Data Streams and reduced Arbitrum on-chain transaction rates to approximately 0.015%

Decentralized derivative protocol GMX has announced the integration of Chainlink's oracle data stream service "Chainlink Data Streams" on the X platform to enhance real-time price updates on its on-chain market and achieve faster on-chain execution services. In addition, GMX has lowered the transaction fee rate on the Arbitrum chain to about 0.015%.

The Arbitrum community has released "Empowering Early Contributors: Community Arbiter Proposal" on the chain, and voting will begin tomorrow.

Arbitrum community has created and released the "Empowering Early Contributors: Community Arbitrator Proposal" on-chain. The voting will start at 02:55 on November 21st Beijing time and end at 02:55 on December 5th. The proposal suggests distributing 500,000 ARB tokens evenly among 24 members.

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