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Ethereum is a Game Environment

People describe Ethereum in a lot of different ways. It’s a smart contract platform, an asset ledger, an always-on financial system, a massive multiplayer online money game, and so on and so forth.
Ethereum is a Game Environment

Ethereum returns above $3,900 after 792 days

According to OKX market data, Ethereum returned above $3,900 after 792 days and is currently priced at $3,901 with a 24-hour increase of 4.22%.

Deribit Ethereum DVOL Volatility Index hit a new high in 1 year, reaching 81

Deribit's Asia-Pacific business director Lin Chen posted on X platform that ETH's DVOL volatility index hit a new high within a year, reaching 81.

Ethereum’s Major Problem: Fragmentation

How did fragmentation come about & why it is a hindrance to Ethereum today
Ethereum’s Major Problem: Fragmentation

How to Raise the Gas Limit, Part 1: State Growth

State growth and its relationship to Ethereum’s gas limit are widely misunderstood. It is commonly believed that state growth is Ethereum’s primary scaling bottleneck. However, discussions of state growth are often held back by imprecise terminology and a lack of detailed quantitative evidence.
How to Raise the Gas Limit, Part 1: State Growth

Ethereum network gas fee rises to 145 gwei

According to Etherscan data, the current Ethereum network Gas fee has risen to 145 gwei.

Cointime March 3rd News Express

1.Web3 gaming platform Portal launches BuildingBlocks Foundation2.Ordinals Developers: Block 832849 and the Runestone Matrix Inscription have been completed in partnership with OrdinalsBot and Marathon Digital3.OKX Ventures announces additional investment in Ethereum second-layer network Taiko4.This morning, a total of more than 300 million DOGE were transferred from Binance, worth more than $50 million.5.ARKB becomes the second largest holding of ARK Invest’s fund ARKW, with a weight of 9%6.FTX has started official liquidation and will compensate customers for Bitcoin at a price of US$16,8717.Ordinals developer: Runestone dug out the largest block in Bitcoin history today, and the next step in the airdrop process is about to begin.8.Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd will attend the Bitcoin Asia conference9.Several fund Hong Kong subsidiaries will explore spot Bitcoin ETF applications10.FTX Claim Window Prices Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Products Below Market Prices

Nodle launches digital trust network 'Click' on Ethereum via Rollup integration

Decentralized network provider Nodle has announced the launch of the digital trust network "Click" on Ethereum through Rollup integration, aiming to use blockchain technology for media identity verification. Click runs on the Nodle digital trust network and supports the verification and transparent tracking of data in a wide range of applications, such as news, public safety, finance, identity verification, delivery confirmation, content creation, and more. However, Nodle stated that the NODL token has not yet been deployed on Ethereum.

The premium/premium of Ethereum futures for delivery at the end of December rose to 14.1%

Deribit data shows that the premium of Ethereum December futures has risen to 14.1%, locking in a year-end selling price of $3,833.75. Previously, when the BTC spot ETF was approved, the premium also rose to over 14%.

Ethereum: The Infinite Story Machine 💫

Yesterday, the first issue of the new ETH Investors Club (EIC) magazine went live digitally, with physical copies redeemable via NFTs on the way. The EIC effort is focused on spotlighting Ethereum’s current landscape through high-quality essays, and I’m honored that my piece, The Infinite Story Machine, was featured in the inaugural “Culture Corner” section.
Ethereum: The Infinite Story Machine 💫