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The total number of validators on the Ethereum beacon chain exceeds 930,000

According to Dune data, the total number of Ethereum beacon chain validators has surpassed 930,000, reaching 930,816. The current total staked ETH is 29,786,115, accounting for 24.84% of its total supply. Among them, the staking share of the liquidity staking protocol Lido is 31.79%.

The total assets of global Ethereum ETFs are US$5.7 billion, 81% of which are European products

According to a report released by CoinGecko, there are currently 27 active Ethereum ETFs worldwide with a total asset size of $5.7 billion, with Europe leading the way with an 81% market share. Their total asset size is still smaller than that of Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE), which has a total asset size of $6.76 billion. The top 10 largest Ethereum ETFs have an asset size of up to $5.49 billion, accounting for 96.4% of total assets. The top two are XBT Ethereum Tracker One (COINETH) and XBT Ethereum Tracker Euro (COINETHE), with asset sizes of $3.34 billion and $510.93 million respectively. COINETH and COINETHE are both Ethereum futures ETFs traded in Europe.


Bridging Worlds: Lumio's High-Performance Integration of Ethereum and Aptos Ecosystems

Integrated vs Modular: Solana vs Ethereum

In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology, two distinct approaches have emerged in the design and implementation of these distributed ledgers: integrated and modular blockchains. Since the origins of public, decentralised and permissionless blockchains, architectures were often built in an integrated way: Bitcoin came first then XRP, Ethereum and many others followed suit for over a decade. The scaling trilemma arose in debates that a blockchain can only have two out of three properties: security, decentralisation and speed. As such, Ethereum’s roadmap has evolved to encompass Layer 2s, a modular way to scale Ethereum. Understanding the differences between these approaches, exemplified by Solana (integrated) and Ethereum’s Layer 2 ecosystem (modular), provides insight into their respective architectures, roadmaps, and the impact on adoption and development.
Integrated vs Modular: Solana vs Ethereum

Allowing validators to provide client information privately—a project by Nethermind Research and Nethermind Core

Understanding the distribution of Ethereum’s execution-layer and consensus-layer clients used by validators is vital to ensure a resilient and diverse network. Although there are currently methods to estimate the Beacon Chain’s client distribution among validators, the same cannot be said about execution client distribution. Also, there are no standard means of anonymously showcasing which EL and CL clients are being utilized by validators.
Allowing validators to provide client information privately—a project by Nethermind Research and Nethermind Core

Ethereum options trading volume tops $19.9 billion in January

Data from The Block shows that the total trading volume of Ethereum options in January has soared to nearly $20 billion (currently $19.99 billion), of which about $15 billion in trading volume comes from Deribit derivatives trading platform. According to Deribit's data, most (about 74,548) of the outstanding Ethereum options contracts are call options with an exercise price of $2,500, which will expire on Friday, February 23.

Conducting the ETH Census

The Unexpected Challenge of Calculating Ethereum's Total Supply In many walks of life, especially crypto, success tends to go quiet and unnoticed, while failure rings out loud and unmistakingly. Steady gains in foundational technology rarely make headlines, but dramatic market crashes overflow our newsfeeds.
Conducting the ETH Census

Liquidity staking platform Lido’s Ethereum pledge volume exceeds 9.4 million ETH

The Ethereum staking amount of the liquidity pledging platform Lido has exceeded 9.4 million ETH, reaching a value of over $21.69 billion.

Ethereum briefly fell below $2,300

According to OKX market information, Ethereum briefly dropped below $2,300 and is now priced at $2,300.13.

The total amount of Ethereum beacon chain pledged is close to 29.4 million ETH, and Lido’s pledge share reaches 31.85%

According to Dune data, the total amount of Ethereum staked on the beacon chain has reached 29,396,490 ETH, accounting for 24.51% of its total supply. Among them, the staked share of the liquidity staking protocol Lido has reached 31.85%.