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Ethereum Foundation Now Accepting Applications for Devcon Scholars Program

The Ethereum Foundation is now accepting applications for the Devcon Scholars program, which aims to provide support for minority groups who wish to attend Devcon VII. The program provides financial assistance and requires participants to commit to three months of activities starting in August. Participants must also submit a learning work before the end of Devcon VII. We encourage Ethereum community organizers, law students, legal professionals, builders, artists, and science fiction writers to apply. A total of 100 participants will be selected.

Ethereum core developer: Biden's veto of SAB 121 shows that the Democratic Party is not really working hard on cryptocurrency

Ethereum core developer eric.eth stated on social media that Biden's veto of SAB 121 shows that the Democratic Party did not really make efforts to develop cryptocurrency. The reason why ETHETF was approved is because the SEC had no reason to reject it, and the Democratic Party's war on cryptocurrency is more fierce than ever before.

The Ethereum Foundation-associated address deposited 200 ETH to Kraken a few minutes ago

blockchain analyst @ai_9684xtpa has monitored that the Ethereum Foundation's associated address 0x9d2...C43B1 deposited 200 ETH worth $740,000 to Kraken five minutes ago. This address has been dormant for six years and woke up for the first time after April 28, 2024. It received 2,000 ETH transferred by the Ethereum Foundation in 2015 and currently has 1,029 ETH remaining.

Investment fund Fasanara Capital withdrew 1,600 ETH from the exchange three hours ago

Fasanara Capital, a UK investment fund, withdrew 1600 ETH worth about $6.2 million from Bybit and Cooper three hours ago. As of now, the fund's wallet holds 5383 ETH worth about $20.16 million.

A single transaction with a transaction fee of 33.77 ETH appeared on the Ethereum chain

According to Whale Alert monitoring, at 14:15 Beijing time, there was a single transaction on the Ethereum blockchain with a transaction fee of 33.77 ETH (worth about $126,700). The on-chain labels of the two parties involved in the transaction were "jaredfromsubway.eth" and "jaredfromsubway: MEV Bot", and a complex set of operations was executed in this transaction.

Bloomberg ETF Analyst: Ethereum Lacks an “Easily Understandable” Voice to Attract Baby Boomers to ETFs

Eric Balchunas, an ETF analyst at Bloomberg, believes that Ethereum lacks an "easy-to-understand" voice to attract the millennial generation to purchase ETFs. He said, "For Ethereum, is there such a simple sentence? If so, what is it? One of the challenges facing Ethereum ETFs in entering the world of the millennial generation with a 60/40 investment portfolio is to refine its purpose/value into an easy-to-understand voice. The potential obstacle to the success of spot Ethereum ETFs is how to resonate with investors aged 60-80."

Ethereum 188th ACDE Meeting: Discussing Pectra Upgrade Details and Scope Changes

Christine Kim, Vice President of Galaxy Research, shared the main contents of the latest conference call by the Ethereum Core Developer (ACDE), where developers discussed and coordinated changes to the Ethereum Execution Layer (EL). This week, the main points discussed by developers include:

Will this cycle skip Ethereum?

Ryan Sean Adams is going to take the perspective of long-term Ethereum bulls, not the obviously wrong dyed in the wool Ethereum is dead haters.
Will this cycle skip Ethereum?

A new wallet deposited 3,700 ETH received by Galaxy Digital into Coinbase 8 hours ago

According to The Data Nerd, 8 hours ago, a new wallet with the address 0x558 received 3,700 ETH (approximately $11.53 million USD) from Galaxy Digital and subsequently deposited it into Coinbase. At the same time, Galaxy Digital also deposited 1,300 ETH (approximately $4.05 million USD) into Bitstamp. The total amount of ETH deposited was 5,000 (approximately $15.58 million USD).

Ethereum on-chain DEX transaction volume yesterday was $1.491 billion

According to DeFiLlama data, the trading volume of DEX on the Ethereum blockchain on May 18 was 1.491 billion US dollars, ranking first. In addition, the trading volume of DEX on the Solana blockchain yesterday was 1.072 billion US dollars, ranking second; the trading volume of DEX on the BSC blockchain yesterday was 429.75 million US dollars, ranking third.