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The whale that previously bought 3,113 ETH sold 3,113 ETH, resulting in a loss of US$340,000.

Blockchain analyst Yu Jin said in a post that a whale who previously spent 10.51 million USDT to buy 3,113 ETH sold all of the ETH for 10.17 million USDT just 30 minutes ago. In just an hour and a half, the whale lost another 340,000 USDT.

How to purchase Ethereum GAS in advance

This topic introduces a method for purchasing gas on Ethereum. Technically it is a fully on-chain Ethereum gas futures market. The volatility of gas prices, primarily driven by network demand fluctuations, significantly obstructs user experience on Ethereum due to unpredictable costs. This solution aims to mitigate that issue.
How to purchase Ethereum GAS in advance

ETH falls below $3,300

The market shows that ETH has fallen below $3,300 and is now trading at $3,307.16. The intraday decline reached 6.62%, and the market is fluctuating greatly. Please be prepared for risk control.

IntoTheBlock: Weekly net Ethereum inflows to exchanges hit $720 million

IntoTheBlock stated in a post on X platform that with the spread of regulatory concerns, Ethereum's net inflow on exchanges reached $720 million per week, the highest weekly net inflow since September 2022.

Ethereum’s latest meeting: Agreed to include EIP 7251 in the Pectra upgrade and continue to study EIP 7547

On March 22nd, Christine Kim, the Vice President of Galaxy Research, summarized the 130th Ethereum Core Developer Consensus (ACDC) conference call, during which developers discussed and coordinated changes to the Ethereum consensus layer (CL). This week, developers discussed prominent action items related to the Dencun upgrade, the Pectra upgrade proposal, and improvements to the Ethereum network layer. Developers agreed to include EIP 7251 (increasing max_effective_balance) in Pectra and continue studying EIP 7547 (including lists) for possible inclusion in the upgrade. Among them, Danny Ryan, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, emphasized two major proposals, EIP 7251 and EIP 7547, when discussing Pectra code changes, and emphasized the urgency of making decisions. He pointed out that the team needs to make a decision before the end of March in order to achieve the functional prototype and development network of Electra in May. In addition, the meeting also discussed two draft proposals for light client development, including the synchronization committee penalty and light client data backfill components. The meeting solicited the opinions of the CL client team on these components, especially the impact of EIP 7251 (increasing max_effective_balance) on the punishment conditions for large validators participating in the synchronization committee.

CEHV Partner: “The Ethereum Foundation is under investigation by a certain country” is inconsistent with the facts

On March 20th, according to CEHV partner Adam Cochran's disclosure on social media, the report by Coindesk, a cryptocurrency media outlet, that "the Ethereum Foundation is under official investigation by a certain country" is not true and is an old news from three weeks ago, with a title designed to attract readers' attention. Adam Cochran stated that the regulatory agency sent a "voluntary" general information request to the Ethereum Foundation, but the title says "under investigation", which is like a police officer walking past you in a mall and asking "Hey, did you see anything happen here?" and someone writing that you are under investigation.

Cointime March 17th News Express

1.Derivatives trading platform D2X completed US$10 million in Series A financing, led by Point72 Ventures2.6 wallets received ARB from the vesting contract and deposited 8.95 million ARB to Binance3.BOME TOP1 holders will sell 190 million BOME for the first time, making a profit of US$3.76 million4.Manta Network joins hands with to launch the first phase of Restaking Paradigm, staking ETH to earn double EtherFi airdrop points5.A giant whale took out 1,000 MKR from Aave and sold them in batches, worth $2.88 million6.Bitcoin fee income was only about $20.3 million this week, a drop of more than 33%7.BOME Token Price Surge Reflects Cryptocurrency Market Dynamics8.ETHVietnam anonymous MACI voting is officially launched. This is the first time aMACI voting technology has been used in a large-scale encryption event.9.Bitcoin Whales Withdraw Massive BTC Reserve From Exchanges, Impacting Bitcoin Price Surge10.USDC circulation increased by 1.3 billion in the past 7 days

Tim Beiko: Tomorrow’s Ethereum AllCoreDevs meeting will discuss “Prague Upgrade” related matters

On March 13th, it was announced that the Ethereum Dencun upgrade had been completed. In response to community questions about "what's next," core developer Tim Beiko stated that EIP-7600 would be discussed at tomorrow's core developer meeting. EIP-7600 is the code name for the Pectra upgrade, which is similar to the Dencun upgrade in that it combines two upgrades, Deneb and Cancun. The Pectra upgrade combines two upgrades, Prague and Electra, with Prague being the more familiar "Prague upgrade" in the community. The Pectra upgrade is expected to include four Ethereum Improvement Proposals: EIP-2537, EIP-6110, EIP-7002, and EIP-7549.

Ethereum network gas fee rises to 100 gwei

According to Etherscan data, the current Ethereum network gas fee has risen to 100 gwei.

Ethereum’s market capitalization reaches US$485.9 billion, surpassing Walmart to rank 19th in the global mainstream asset rankings

Data shows that the current market value of Ethereum is 485.9 billion US dollars, surpassing Walmart (483.3 billion US dollars) and ranking 19th in the global mainstream asset ranking.