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Cosmos Hub announces community support for permissioned CosmWasm implementation

Cosmos Hub announced that Proposal #895 has been approved, and the community has confirmed support for implementing permissioned CosmWasm on Cosmos Hub.

Security platform Range completes US$2.7 million in seed round financing, with participation from Fenbushi Capital and others

Cosmos Ecology Security Platform Range announced the completion of a $2.7 million seed round of financing, with participation from Robot Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Bitscale, Informal Systems, Volt Capital, and Chorus One. Range mainly helps blockchain and Rollup avoid smart contract and cross-chain bridge traps and attacks, and plans to expand to other Ethereum L2 platforms such as Arbitrum and Optimism in the future.

Cosmos Hub opens voting for governance proposal #885 and plans to promote v15 upgrade

According to official sources, the Cosmos Hub community has started voting on proposal #885 "v15 software upgrade" and is expected to end on March 16. If approved, the software upgrade proposal is expected to go live on the mainnet on March 20. The focus of version v15 is a major upgrade of Cosmos SDK to version v0.47, which uses v0.47.8-ics-lsm, a unique branch of Cosmos SDK that includes support for ICS and LSM.

Cosmos Hub: Partial Set Security (PSS) has entered the specification stage

Cosmos Hub has released a tweet indicating that Partial Set Security (PSS) has entered the specification stage. PSS simplifies the launch of new consumer chains by allowing a portion of validators on the Hub to provide protection. The specification stage means that the ADR (design document) has been released, providing detailed information about PSS. At this stage, work on implementing the feature has begun.

Liquidity staking protocol Stride completed US$4 million in strategic financing, led by DBA

Cosmos ecological liquidity staking protocol Stride announced the completion of a $4 million strategic financing round led by DBA, with participation from 1confirmation, Road Capital, Modular Capital, Imperator, Chorus One, and others. The purpose of this financing round is to promote the development of Stride in the Celestia ecosystem.

Cosmos Ecosystem Stride launches new LST asset stTIA, 5 million STRD will be airdropped to early holders

The Cosmos ecological liquidity collateral protocol Stride has launched a new LST asset stTIA, and 5 million STRD (5% of the maximum supply) will be airdropped to early stTIA holders. STRD will be distributed daily based on the holding ratio, with a total of 150 days of distribution. 3 million STRD will be distributed in the first 60 days, with 50,000 STRD per day, and 2 million STRD will be distributed in the later 90 days, with 22,000 STRD per day.

Cosmos will launch Cosmos Hub improvement process in 2024

Cosmos announced the launch of the Cosmos Hub improvement process in 2024, in which Partial Set Security is a concept that rethinks the choice of security (Opt-in Security), allowing Hub validators to run physical nodes for each consumer chain subset. The concept aims to provide a more scalable and cost-effective approach through validator delegation while maintaining a high level of decentralization and security.

Cosmos has opened voting for the proposal to “reduce the minimum inflation parameter from 7% to 0%”

Cosmos has now opened proposal #868 voting, aiming to "reduce the minimum inflation parameter from 7% to 0%". Once the ATOM bond ratio reaches 67%, the inflation rate will gradually approach 0%. Proposal #868 is said to be a follow-up to proposal #848, which has already passed by setting the maximum inflation parameter to 10%.

Zhu Su: Inscriptions are mainly concerned in the East, and I am most concerned about the Cosmos ecology.

Zhu Su, the founder of Three Arrows Capital, stated in X Space that Mingwen is mainly popular in the East (everyone was talking to me about Mingwen after I was released from prison), while similar Solana ecosystems are mainly popular in the West, and Ethereum is popular in both the East and the West.In addition, he said that he is most interested in the Cosmos ecosystem in the field of altcoins. He believes that the current price of Bitcoin has already reflected expectations for ETFs, and approval will attract a lot of traditional funds to enter. He also believes that there will be a big bull market in 2024, but risks should be controlled.

The Cosmos community voted to approve the proposal of “providing 975,811 ATOM funds for AADAO”

On December 31, the Cosmos Hub officially announced that the Cosmos community voted in favor of the proposal "seeking 975,811 ATOM to provide funding for ATOM Accelerator DAO (AADAO)".<br>AADAO will be established as a persistent organization dedicated to protecting and promoting Cosmos Hub and its ATOM tokens, fully funded and owned by the Cosmos Hub community.