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Bithumb: Somesing (SSX) deposits and withdrawals will be suspended

On January 27th, Bithumb announced that Somesing (SSX) deposit and withdrawal services will be suspended at the request of the foundation. Users will be notified separately when deposit and withdrawal services resume.

Former Bithumb chairman found not guilty in second trial of $100 million fraud case

Lee Jeong-hoon, former chairman of Bithumb Holdings and Bithumb Korea, has been acquitted in a $100 million fraud case.Local media reported that before this decision was made by the Seoul High Court's Fifth Criminal Division, Lee Jeong-hoon was acquitted in January 2023 of similar charges of fraud. In the trial that began after he was charged in July 2021, prosecutors accused him of engaging in fraudulent activities, particularly stealing funds from plastic surgeon Kim Byeong-geun during acquisition negotiations. The prosecution argued that Lee embezzled the acquisition deposit under the pretext of listing the "BXA token" on the market.However, the court announced his acquittal in a recent ruling, emphasizing that the evidence provided was insufficient to prove that he had promised to list the token, and that the prosecution's case lacked credibility, supporting the position that the accused crime could not be proven based on the evidence provided.

Bithumb: The virtual asset wallet system will be inspected starting from January 8, and deposits and withdrawals of some currencies will be suspended.

Bithumb has announced that it will conduct a wallet system inspection for specific virtual assets. The inspection will begin on January 8, 2024 and will temporarily suspend the deposit and withdrawal services for the corresponding virtual assets during the inspection period. The virtual assets that will be subject to inspection will be notified separately, and all services except for deposit and withdrawal of assets will be available as usual.

Bithumb temporarily closes IOTX deposit and withdrawal services

Bithumb Exchange announced that due to issues with the IOTX network, deposit and withdrawal services will be temporarily suspended. Once the network is stabilized and secure, deposit and withdrawal services will resume, and the resumption time will be notified separately.

Bithumb suspends MATIC, ORB and FIT deposit/withdrawal services

Bithumb, a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, announced that deposit/withdrawal services will be suspended due to network issues with Polygon (MATIC), Ofcity (ORB), and 300 Feet Network (FIT). Once the network is stable, deposit/withdrawal services will be resumed as soon as possible, and you will be notified separately when they are restored.

South Korea’s Bithumb exchange will list AUDIO and IOTX Korean won trading pairs

South Korean exchange Bithumb will list AUDIO and IOTX in Korean won trading pairs. AUDIO will open for deposits at 11:20 local time and trading at 12:20 local time. IOTX will open for deposits at 2:00 pm local time and trading at 3:00 pm local time.

Bithumb will list BIGTIME and STMX Korean won trading pairs

According to official sources, Bithumb, a cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, will list BIGTIME and STMX for trading in Korean won. BIGTIME will be available for deposit at 11:00 local time and trading at 12:00, while STMX will be available for deposit at 11:20 local time and trading at 12:20.

Over 32.07 million XRP transferred from unknown wallet to Bithumb

According to Whale Alert monitoring, 32,078,901 XRP (approximately $19,557,285) was transferred from an unknown wallet to Bithumb.

Bithumb adds MOC and RVN token Korean won trading pairs

Bithumb announced the addition of Moscoin (MOC) and Ravencoin (RVN) token-KRW trading pairs.

Bithumb announces the launch of SPURS

Bithumb announced the launch of SPURS. Recharge will be available at 11:00 on November 23, and trading and withdrawals will be available at 12:00 on November 23, supporting the Korean Won market.