IOSG Ventures



IOSG Venture is an early-stage fund for decentralized protocols and companies. Early-stage algorithm-based ventures.


Founded date
Apr 3, 2017
Number Of Employee
11 - 50
Operating Status
Investor Type
Incubator,PE,Venture Capital

​​IOSG Ventures is a pioneering crypto fund that invests in the future of Web3. As a thesis-driven firm, we assist founders in developing community-driven protocols that are primed to transform the crypto landscape. Our portfolio comprises a wide range of innovative and high-potential investments, including L1/L2 (Polkadot, NEAR, Starkware, Arbitrum), Security Auditing(Runtime Verification, Hexens), DeFi/NFT-Fi (1inch, 0x, Metamask), GameFi (Bigtime, Illuvium), and SocialFi (Galaxy, Cyberconnect).

​​Our team comprises experienced crypto-native BUIDLers and long-term HODLers, and we remain fully committed to supporting our early-stage developers and founders. Since our founding in 2017, we have invested in a number of industry leaders, including Arweave, Cosmos, Celestia, Eigenlayer, Scroll, zkSync, Nil Foundation, and Mina. Whether you’re building infra, middleware, Security, gaming, or social platforms, we are passionate about investing in crypto-native paradigms that have the potential to transform the future of the industry.


Number of Investments
Number of Lead Investments
IOSG Ventures has made 94 investments. Their most recent investment was on Dec 19, 2022, when Pods raised $5.60M.
Date Company Name
Round Money Raised Industry Lead Investor
Dec 19, 2022 Pods
Seed $5.60M Blockchain
Dec 15, 2022 Blocknative
Series A $15M Bitcoin Yes
Oct 18, 2022 Celestia
Series A $55M Blockchain
Oct 12, 2022 Hexens
Seed $4.20M Blockchain Yes
Jul 14, 2022 Gnosis
Series Unknown $100M Blockchain