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$66,350.56 24H Price $67,594.14

BTC Price Live Data

Bitcoin today's live price is $67,329.21 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $18,070,052,974 USD. Bitcoin has climbed by 1.33% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #1, with a live market cap of $1,328,306,613,518 USD, and a circulating supply of 19,728,534 BTC coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
19,728,534 BTC
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 1,413,913,415,152


Bitcoin halving 2024: 5 ways it’s different this time

Since the previous halving, the number of crypto users has surged 400%, not including the impact of the spot Bitcoin ETF launch in the United States.

Tim Draper: Bitcoin price could rise to as high as $10 million

Billionaire and American venture capitalist Tim Draper said in a recent interview that with the widespread adoption of Bitcoin and the weakening of the US dollar, the price of Bitcoin could rise to $10 million. Tim Draper said, "(Bitcoin prices in the future could rise to) $250,000 or $1 million, $2 million, or even $10 million."

The 2024 Bitcoin halving is the “most bullish” setup for BTC price

Despite a pre-halving slump in ETF inflows, Bitcoin could resume its rally to new all-time highs as the next wave of institutional investors are preparing to gain exposure to BTC.

Bitcoin miners’ revenue hit a record high yesterday, reaching $106.7 million

According to Glassnode data, Bitcoin miners' income reached a record high of 106.7 million US dollars yesterday.

The total open interest of BTC contracts is $31.2 billion

Coinglass data shows that the total open positions of BTC futures contracts on the entire network are 477,330 BTC, equivalent to approximately 31.2 billion US dollars.

Bitcoin block reward halving sparks bullish and skeptical opinion split

With the Bitcoin block reward halving approaching, investors and analysts have differing opinions on its potential impact on the cryptocurrency market. Bitwise Chief Investment Officer Matt Hougan believes that history shows that Bitcoin prices have risen in the long term after halving, and that a reduction in supply and institutional investment will drive prices up. However, Dan Dolev, managing director of Mizuho Securities, expressed skepticism, believing that the market has already fully reflected the halving and warning of possible selling pressure. Jeff Hancock, CEO of Coinpass, emphasized the increasing interest of institutions in Bitcoin, but there are still differences in the market.

Bitcoin network high priority transaction fees fall back to 735 Sat/byte

Mempool data shows that the current Bitcoin network transaction fees have fallen. The transaction fee for medium priority is currently reported at 669 Sat/byte, and the transaction fee for high priority is currently reported at 735 Sat/byte.

ETH/BTC exchange rate fell to 0.047

According to market data, the ETH/BTC exchange rate continued to decline to 0.04776, with a 24-hour decrease of 0.23%.

Affected by Rune Mint, the current Bitcoin block fee is 20 BTC

Bitcoin transaction fees reached 20 BTC per block due to the impact of the Rune Mint, and miner profits were twice as high as before the halving.

Bitcoin network transaction fees soar, high priority reaches 2000 Sat/byte

According to data from, Bitcoin network transaction fees have skyrocketed. Currently, the fee without priority is 20 Sat/byte, low priority fee is 1314 Sat/byte, medium priority fee is 1659 Sat/byte, and high priority fee is 2000 Sat/byte.

BTC has completed its fourth halving

According to data, on April 20, 2024, at 8:09, BTC successfully completed its fourth halving at block height 840,000. The mining reward for the Bitcoin network was reduced from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC. The last halving occurred on May 11, 2020.

ANTPOOL upgrades BTC transaction acceleration service to give priority to user transactions being confirmed

Digital currency mining platform ANTPOOL announced an upgrade to its BTC transaction acceleration service, which aims to prioritize users' transactions on the blockchain. ANTPOOL stated that after the BTC halving, the network experienced historic congestion, and their transaction acceleration service is committed to providing users with a fast channel for transactions, ensuring that users' transactions are confirmed with priority.

Runes miners paid 78.6 BTC in fees in 9 blocks after Bitcoin halving, about $4.95 million

Data shows that after approximately 9 blocks following the halving of Bitcoin, Runes miners have already paid a fee of 78.6 BTC (approximately $4.95 million).

The average block reward for Bitcoin miners after the halving is 19.26 BTC

Data shows that after the fourth halving at block height 840,000, the mining rewards (block rewards + transaction fee rewards) for the next 10 blocks were 7.61 BTC, 10.11 BTC, 19.19 BTC, 27.13 BTC, 32.94 BTC, 26.28 BTC, 20.80 BTC, 15.3 BTC, 12.59 BTC, and 20.74 BTC, with an average of 19.26 BTC, significantly higher than the approximately 7 BTC rewards before the halving.

Bitcoin Valuation by Savings Adoption

A mid-term approach to price modelling Bitcoin is something entirely new, something never before observed. Because of this, many of the trusted tools in our financial toolkits might simply not do a very good job of modelling its performance, and it’s causing apprehension among analysts who are used to deploying certain modelling tools to make sense of asset pricing.

BTC falls below $62,000

The market shows BTC has fallen below $62,000, now reported at $61,950, with a daily decline of 6.75%. The market is volatile, please be prepared for risk control.

The total open interest of BTC options is $21.03 billion, and the open interest of ETH options is $9.35 billion.

According to Coinglass data, the nominal value of open BTC option positions on the entire network is $21.03 billion, and the nominal value of open ETH option positions is $9.35 billion.

Matrixport: Judging from Bitcoin's market share, the bull market is still in its early stages

Matrixport expressed that some people believe the market may be on the verge of a rise in altcoins. Despite the significant increase in some meme coins and altcoins, based on the market share of Bitcoin, this bull market may still be in its early stages, indicating relatively limited growth in other cryptocurrencies and an increasing market share for Bitcoin.

Early Crypto Miner Moves 50 BTC Worth Over $3 Million After 14 Years of Inactivity, Part of Transfer Ends Up at Coinbase

A person who mined Bitcoin early on moved 50 BTC, worth over $3 million, after 14 years of not touching them. The transfer included sending some of the Bitcoin to the Coinbase exchange. This is one of the few instances of Bitcoin from the "Satoshi era" being moved, with other significant transfers happening in 2023. The miner received the Bitcoin as a reward in April 2010, during the period when Bitcoin's creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, was active on online forums.

Bitcoin dominance hits 3-year high as BTC price dip pressures altcoins

Bitcoin scores an accidental multi-year high as BTC price volatility sends altcoins shooting lower.

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