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SyncSwap has added zkSync (ZK) to the Swap asset options

According to the dApp page, SyncSwap has added zkSync (ZK) to the Swap asset options.

Chronicle Scribe is now available on zkSync Era, providing BTC/USD and ETH/USD price feeds

Chronicle Protocol announced that its on-chain oracle solution Scribe is now live on zkSync Era.The integration of Chronicle Protocol and zkSync provides decentralized price feeds for over 100 DApps in its ecosystem.Chronicle has launched its core oracles BTC/USD and ETH/USD on zkSync Era, and will soon launch price feeds for USD T/USD, USD C/USD, and WST ETH.

Head of zkSync DeFi: Will leave at the end of April to focus on modular blockchain sophon

zkSync DeFi leader @0xsebastiena announced on social media that they will be leaving their position at the end of April to focus on building modular blockchain sophon based on ZK Stack. In March of this year, sophon completed a $10 million financing round with participation from Paper Ventures, Maven 11, The Spartan Group, SevenX Ventures, OKX Ventures, HTX Ventures, and others.

zkSync Lite ecosystem project ZigZag will shut down business this week

ZigZag, a decentralized exchange based on zkSync Lite, announced that it will shut down its business this week due to regulatory pressure. The zkLite Exchange team has forked the code of the project and launched an alternative platform.

The total value of zkSync bridge storage exceeds 3.5 million ETH, with a current value of over $12.7 billion

According to Dune data, the total value locked (TVL) in Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution zkSync has surpassed 3.5 million ETH, equivalent to approximately $12.74 billion at current prices. In terms of L2, the current total value locked in Starknet is 896,572 ETH, in Arbitrum it is 3,610,976 ETH, in Optimism it is 51,601 ETH, and in Base it is 479,647 ETH.

zkSync founder: zkSync network will be widely decentralized through a flexible governance framework

Alex Gluchowski, the founder of zkSync, stated in a post on the X platform that in order for Ethereum to become mainstream, L2 must also be trustless. Blockchain is a highly adversarial environment, with conflicts of interest everywhere, and even the most sincere actors may have to compromise or be forced to act against their will. Trusting a core team is not enough to replace a trustless network.

Circle: Native USDC is coming to the zkSync network soon

Circle announced on X platform that native USDC will soon be launched on the zkSync network. With the passage of time, it is expected that the liquidity of native USDC will continue to grow and replace the bridged USDC liquidity currently circulating through the zkSync Era Bridge from Ethereum.

zkSync founder: The team has turned all its attention to decentralization

Alex G, founder of zkSync, stated on social media that with the completion of EIP-4844, the team has shifted all attention to decentralization. In addition, the gas fees on zkSync have currently been reduced to 0.01 USD.

zkSync TVB super 3.35 million ETH, Starknet TVB super 880,000 ETH

Dune data shows that the total bridged value (TVB) of zkSync storage exceeds 3.35 million ETH, with a total of 2,777,521 bridged user addresses. The total bridged value of Starknet storage exceeds 880,852 ETH, with a total of 1,224,104 bridged user addresses. Additionally, the bridged storage total value for Optimism is 744,733 ETH, for Arbitrum it is 3,512,948 ETH, and for Base it is 359,416 ETH.

ZK Stack Product Manager: zkSync is fully compatible with EIP 4844 and is ready to submit blob transactions

ZK Stack's senior product manager Lumi (@zkLumi) posted on X platform that the team has executed a protocol upgrade today to make zkSync fully compatible with EIP 4844 (Proto-Danksharding) and ready to submit blob transactions. In fact, not only compatibility, the team also provides an elegant solution for this protocol, which allows choosing between blob or regular data based on price, and will soon release a series of other features to further reduce transaction fees using blob.