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WEMIX announces the launch of new token economics: the number of KLEVA tokens minted per block will be reduced by 10%

WEMIX has officially announced the implementation of a new KLEVA token economics starting from Klaytn block number 143750458. Now, the number of KLEVA tokens minted per block will be reduced by 10%, with 0.9 tokens minted per block. Afterward, there will be a continued monthly reduction of 10%, with the next reduction plan starting from Klaytn block number 146378458 (around February 20, 2024). WEMIX reminds users to pay attention to the changes, as the reduction in token minting will lead to a decrease in the number of KLEVA tokens allocated to the service, thereby affecting the profits of lending/collateral and leverage yield mining.

WEMIX Foundation decides to stop WENIX token minting rewards per block

Blockchain gaming platform WEMIX announced that the foundation has decided to stop the WENIX token minting reward for each block. This means that the total supply of WEMIX will remain the same or decrease from the block height at which the minting reward is stopped. The project team will use the WEMIX held by the foundation for distribution to incentivize ecosystem contributors, which is expected to be maintained for about 20 years. Meanwhile, the network fees currently being automatically destroyed will be converted into bulk destruction, and the destruction rate will be determined at the end of each quarter. WEMIX is currently trading at $2.93, with a daily increase of 18.6%.

OKX Web3 wallet is connected to the game public chain WEMIX

According to official sources on January 5th, OKX Web3 wallet has now become the first to access the WEMIX network. Users can switch to the WEMIX network with just one click without manual configuration. OKX Web3 wallet App, Web and plugin terminals all support seamless storage and management of WEMIX ecosystem assets.