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Sushi CTO issues warning: Users are advised not to interact with any dApp

Sushi's Chief Technology Officer @MatthewLilley issued a warning on social media: Users should not interact with any dApps until further notice. A commonly used Web3 connector appears to have been compromised, allowing the injection of malicious code that affects many dApps.

Sushi: V2 reward program ends today, V3 reward program ends on December 8

On November 29th, Sushi stated in a blog post that with the completion of the minting of 250 million SUSHI tokens, all SUSHI tokens are now in circulation and there will be no further unlocking. Therefore, the current reward program will undergo significant updates. The V2 reward program will end today, and the V3 reward program is expected to end around December 8, 2023. Sushi stated that its future focus will be on enhancing its token economics model, moving away from ongoing token unlocking and token reward distribution.

Sushi: The new token economic model will not be deployed, all Sushi is already in circulation

On November 24th, SushiSwap officially announced that with Sushi returning to its original xSushi model, the Sushi Bar will reopen. The Sushi Bar allows xSushi holders to receive a portion of the trading fees on the Sushi DEX. By staking Sushi at the Sushi Bar, Sushi holders will receive xSushi, representing their share in the Sushi Bar and have the right to receive 0.05% of the standard trading fee of 0.3%.<br>As all Sushi tokens are now in circulation, there will be no new issuance of Sushi in the future. In addition, Sushi's new token economic model will not be deployed.

Sushi Expands to ZetaChain for Native Bitcoin Support in DeFi

Sushi, a decentralized finance platform, has announced its expansion to layer-1 blockchain ZetaChain to introduce native bitcoin support. This move enables users to swap the largest cryptocurrency across 30 networks without the need to wrap it. ZetaChain's core contributor, Jonathan Covey, stated that the addition of bitcoin to Sushi goes beyond its traditional use case as just a store of value and allows for more sophisticated applications like lending and borrowing. The ZetaChain team has been working on this for years and believes that they are at an inflection point where they can develop applications that utilize actual bitcoin.

Algebra founder proposes integrating Integral V4 into Sushi

Algebra founder Vladimir Algebra has proposed to integrate "Algebra Integral (V4)" into Sushi, and is conducting a public opinion poll on the Sushi forum. The proposal states that the integration of Algebra's "Integral" into Sushi will achieve a modular architecture, allowing plugins to be added on top of liquidity pools without the need for liquidity migration, enabling external projects and independent developers to implement their ideas and features in the form of plugins within the Sushi ecosystem.

BitMEX founder transferred 331,470 SUSHI to Kraken 3 hours ago

According to Yu Jin's monitoring, BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes transferred 331,470 SUSHI coins (worth $340,000) to Kraken 3 hours ago.

Decentralized exchange Sushi is launched on Filecoin

According to official sources, decentralized exchange Sushi is now available on Filecoin. As the first DEX on Filecoin, Sushi will launch the second and third version of its automated market maker (AMM) and provide centralized liquidity pools. This will allow users to trade and provide liquidity on the Filecoin network. Sushi's cross-chain exchange feature, SushiXSwap, will soon cover Filecoin, enabling native token exchanges between Filecoin and over 30 mainstream networks (including Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, BNB Chain, and Avalanche) through the Sushi UI. Additionally, to celebrate the integration of Sushi and Filecoin, the official Filecoin x Sushi Bomb digigity NFT has been released.

DAppConnect: Deep interaction with the Turkish market

TokenPocket, ZetaChain, and Sushi will hold an offline DAppConnect event in Turkey during DevConnect on November 13th. This offline event will provide a platform for free communication for the Turkish community and developers. Share ideas and establish cooperative relationships with various project developers, including wallets, public chains, protocols, VC, etc., and jointly promote the development of the Web3 ecosystem in the Turkish market.

SUSHI rose 20% in 24 hours and is now trading at 1.23 USDT

According to the OKX market, SUSHI has increased by 20% in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at 1.23 USDT.

A certain whale address deposited SUSHI worth more than $5 million into SushiSwap for pledge

On November 3rd, according to Yu Jin monitoring, a certain whale address deposited 4.4 million SUSHI (equivalent to approximately $5.06 million USD) into SushiSwap for staking, two and a half hours ago. It is reported that these SUSHI were withdrawn from Bybit 6 days ago (October 27th-28th) at a rate of 200,000 per transaction, with an average withdrawal price of approximately $0.61 USD. In the following days, SUSHI began to rise significantly, with a maximum increase of 113% to $1.3 USD. Currently, the whale's floating profit from SUSHI has reached $2.38 million USD (+88%).