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6,612,562 MATIC were transferred to Polygon Staking, worth over US$5.5 million

According to the on-chain data tracking service Whale Alert, at around 17:48 Beijing time today, 6,612,562 MATIC tokens were transferred from an address starting with "0x3631" to Polygon Staking, equivalent to approximately $5,518,448.

Polygon gas fees spike 1000% amid Ordinals-inspired token craze

Gas fees on the Polygon network reached as high as $0.10 during a mad rush to mint an Ordinals-inspired token called POLS.
Polygon gas fees spike 1000% amid Ordinals-inspired token craze

FTX and Alameda receive 11.5 million MATIC from Polygon staking contract

PeckShield has monitored that FTX and Alameda Research have received 11.5 million MATIC tokens, worth approximately 9.8 million US dollars, from the Polygon PoS Staking Contract.

Polygon network gas surges to over 2900 gwei

On November 16th, according to Polygonscan data, the gas fee for the Polygon network surged and is currently at 2900.4 gwei.

Polygon Ecosystem Growth Address distributed 217 million MATIC to 70 addresses

Polygon: Ecosystem Growth distributed a total of 217 million MATIC tokens (worth $199 million) to 70 addresses in the past 12 hours, as monitored by Twitter user Yu Jin. Most of these addresses had previously received the same amount of MATIC from Polygon: Ecosystem Growth address one year ago.

Polygon surpasses Flow to become the fourth largest blockchain in terms of NFT sales

According to the latest data from cryptoslam, Polygon has surpassed Flow to become the fourth largest blockchain in terms of NFT sales. The data shows that the total NFT sales on the current Polygon chain is approximately 1.273 billion US dollars, while the total NFT sales on the Flow chain is 1.26 billion US dollars. In addition, the top three blockchain platforms for NFT sales are currently Ethereum ($41.348 billion), Ronin ($4.252 billion), and Solana ($4.229 billion).

Polygon zkEVM TVL reaches $100 million, a new high

According to l2beat data, Polygon zkEVM TVL reached $100 million, a new high.

Polygon launches $90 million ecosystem development fund Polygon Village

Polygon Labs is launching Polygon Village 2.0 with the aim of driving ecosystem development with $90 million in funding. The project will receive funding, guidance, and ecosystem support of over 110 million MATIC to help develop their applications. (The Block)

NEAR and Polygon to Create Zero-Knowledge Prover for WASM-Based Blockchains

NEAR and Polygon networks have announced a collaboration to create a zero-knowledge (ZK) prover for Web Assembly (WASM) blockchains. The new prover, called "zkWASM," will enable WASM-based networks to join the Polygon ecosystem for the first time, providing greater security, scalability, developer flexibility, and interoperability in the open web. The zkWASM prover is currently in active development and will be integrated into Polygon's chain development kit (CDK) once completed, allowing developers to create WASM networks and integrate them into the broader Polygon ecosystem. The collaboration will also improve validator efficiency on the NEAR network, resulting in better scalability and increased decentralization.

Magic Eden strengthens its support for Polygon with multiple new features and publicly releases its Polygon API

NFT platform Magic Eden is enhancing its support for Polygon through new features such as aggregation tools that can integrate multiple market listings. The company stated in a declaration that it has also implemented royalty enforcement on its Polygon PoS market and publicly released its Polygon API to enable project integration with market functionality. Jinse Finance previously reported that Magic Eden was initially launched as a digital asset market for Solana, and added support for Polygon in November 2022.