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Paradigm’s funding takes Farcaster’s dev to unicorn status

Farcaster’s parent company is reportedly closing a new funding round led by Paradigm. The deal would take its valuation to above $1 billion.
Paradigm’s funding takes Farcaster’s dev to unicorn status

Paradigm security chief samczsun launches cryptographic security initiative Security Alliance

Paradigm's security chief samczsun launched a security plan called Security Alliance, which allows encrypted users affected by hackers or other security incidents to access a 24/7 emergency hotline. The platform also provides legal protection for white hat hackers to rescue stolen funds and offers free practice for Web3 developers to simulate adversarial network attacks against organizational systems to identify vulnerabilities and prepare effective responses. Currently, the plan has released a draft agreement on GitHub and is open to community feedback for one month until March 14th, 2024. According to its website, Security Alliance's donors and partners include the Ethereum Foundation, a16z crypto, Paradigm, Vitalik Buterin, the Filecoin Foundation, Coinbase, Dragonfly, Framework, Electric Capital, and others.

Paradigm open beta is coming soon

The encrypted liquidity platform Paradigm announced that the open beta version will be launched soon, and will be launched in the next two weeks: fast deposit and withdrawal, delay improvement, Gas optimization. Then open the first stage of testing.

The address suspected of being a Paradigm researcher increased its holdings by 4,865 ETH, with an average price of US$2,056.

On November 29th, the suspected Paradigm researcher, Samczsun, at address 0xAA1, has increased his holdings of 4,865 ETH at an average price of $2,056 in the past 4 hours.

Director of Policy Research at Paradigm: U.S. crypto regulatory policy is expected to remain unchanged before the 2024 election

Justin Slaughter, the head of policy research at Paradigm, said in an interview that he expects US cryptocurrency regulatory policy to remain unchanged before the 2024 election. (The Block)

Crypto VC Paradigm Criticizes Blast's Marketing Strategy and Launch Decisions

Paradigm, a crypto venture capital firm and seed investor in Blast, has criticized the startup's marketing strategy for its protocol, claiming that it "crossed lines in both messaging and execution." The head of research at Paradigm, Dan Robinson, expressed disagreement with Blast's decision to launch a bridge before its layer-2 network and to not allow withdrawals for three months. Despite the criticism, Robinson acknowledged that Blast's team is made up of "world-class builders" with the ability to build great products. Blast has faced controversy over its launch, including concerns about centralization and lack of withdrawal functionality, but has still amassed over $555 million in total value locked since its launch.
Crypto VC Paradigm Criticizes Blast's Marketing Strategy and Launch Decisions

Blur founder: Paradigm has never participated in formulating Blast’s marketing strategy. Invitation rewards are not marketing gimmicks but rewards that users deserve.

On November 25th, Pacman, the founder of Blur and Blast, responded to many comments by stating that Blast's revenue comes from legitimate platforms such as Lido and MakerDAO. Lido's revenue comes from Ethereum staking rewards, while MakerDAO's revenue comes from on-chain treasury bills.

Pacman: Paradigm has zero involvement in Blast

Pacman, the founder of Blur and Blast, posted on social media saying, "Paradigm has zero involvement with Blast. To be frank, if they were involved, they might ask me to make a lot of changes to the release of Blast. In fact, some of Paradigm's suggestions are actively being considered, but Paradigm has left the final decision-making power of the suggestions to the entrepreneurs they work with, which is one of the many reasons why I like working with their team."
Pacman: Paradigm has zero involvement in Blast

Paradigm, OP Labs and Base collaborate to develop OP Stack client OP Reth

Georgios Konstantopoulos, Chief Technology Officer and Research Partner at Paradigm, wrote on the X platform that OP Reth has been merged, which means that its high-performance Ethereum node Reth can be used in OP Stack without modification. Georgios also stated that this was achieved through collaboration between OP Labs, the Base team, and Paradigm's own open source team.

Paradigm co-founder Fred Ehrsam resigned and will continue to participate in operations as a general partner

According to The Information, Paradigm co-founder Fred Ehrsam resigned from his position and will stay with the company as a general partner, but will reduce his involvement in daily operations. Before founding this venture capital firm, Ehrsam was a co-founder of Coinbase. He told employees that he plans to spend more time researching and investing in future health technologies, citing the interest of other cryptocurrency leaders in anti-aging treatments and cryogenic technology.