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Curve Team Proposes Changes to LlamaLend’s Interest Rate Parameters on Ethereum

The Curve team has proposed a change to the interest rate parameters of its LlamaLend lending platform on the Ethereum network. The proposed changes include interest rates for the WETH and tBTC markets ranging from a minimum of 0.5% to a maximum of 25%, interest rates for wstETH ranging from 1% to 30%, and interest rates for CRV ranging from 3% to 60%. The proposal aims to make the borrowing rate at approximately 80% utilization roughly equal to the current market rate.

Curve lending platform LlamaLend launches on Arbitrum network

According to official sources, the Curve Finance lending platform LlamaLend has now launched on the Arbitrum network.

A Primer on Curve Lending

LLAMMA's Soft Liquidation Mechanism Reshaping DeFi Lending, Curve Lending is a decentralized, non-custodial lending and borrowing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. It leverages the existing infrastructure and mechanisms of Curve Finance, particularly the crvUSD stablecoin system and the LLAMMA (Lending-Liquidating AMM) algorithm. The platform allows users to create permissionless lending pools for supported asset pairs, with crvUSD initially serving as the primary collateral or borrowed token. As of mid-March 2024, the platform soft-launched with support for CRV, WETH, tBTC, and wstETH as initial markets, and plans to expand to other assets. New markets may be added permissionlessly.
A Primer on Curve Lending

A giant whale transferred 5 million CRV to Binance, which is approximately US$3 million.

Blockchain analyst Yu Jin wrote that a whale who bought the second largest amount of CRV from Curve founder Michael Egorov through OTC (7 million US dollars for 17.5 million CRV) transferred 5 million CRV (3 million US dollars) to Binance 1.5 hours ago, becoming the fourth OTC buyer to transfer/sell CRV. Of the 17.5 million CRV he bought through OTC, 12.5 million are locked in Curve through two addresses, while the remaining 5 million have been transferred to Binance.

Curve: The lending contract has been deployed and users can make deposits or loans.

Curve has stated on the X platform that the lending contract has been deployed and there may be some liquidity entering before the UI is officially launched. Curve also emphasizes that the lending platform has not yet been officially launched, but users can already deposit or borrow through the contract.

ABCDE researcher: If CRV falls to $0.36, Curve founders will face liquidation

Researcher 0xLoki warns that Michael Egorov, the founder of Curve, is facing liquidation risk again for his CRV debt vault. He borrowed over $54 million across six lending platforms, with the collateral and remaining assets mainly being Curve. The safety factors of the six debt vaults are between 1.29-2.29. If the CRV price drops another 23%, or 0.36U, it will trigger liquidation. Among them, the lowest safety factor is in Frax Lending, with a current borrowing interest rate of 35%. If the utilization rate continues to increase, Frax Lending may once again open up high-interest loan mode, accelerating the occurrence of liquidation. In this loan, Michael mortgaged 39 million CRV and borrowed 17 million Frax, with the past 24-hour CRV trading rate on Binance being 10.9 million.

Curve Finance: 2-month distribution proposal coming soon

Curve Finance announced on social media that a two-month distribution proposal is about to be launched. 3.5 million ARB tokens sound exciting, but we will not invest all at once. Instead, we will continue to invest in a linear manner for two months.

Curve Finance will integrate ZetaChain to provide native BTC support for cross-chain exchanges and full-chain asset pools

ZetaChain, an EVM-compatible L1 project, announced on X platform that Curve Finance will integrate with ZetaChain to provide native BTC support for cross-chain exchanges and full-chain asset pools.

Curve: crvUSD pool has been launched on Arbitrum, Gauge voting is in progress

Curve is represented on X, the crvUSD pool has been launched on Arbitrum, and Gauge voting is in progress.

Curve founder deposits 18.5 million CRV into Binance, worth approximately $11.4 million

According to Lookonchain monitoring, Curve founder Michael Egorov deposited 18.5 million CRV into Binance half an hour ago, worth approximately $11.4 million.