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OKLink: CoinEx attacker address transferred more than 220 BTC to new address

According to OKLink browser display, a transfer of stolen funds amounting to 220.998662 BTC (worth about $8.3 million) occurred on the chain at 16:01:37 on November 24th (Beijing time). This was a result of a previous on-chain attack on CoinEx, which was a hot wallet intrusion.<br>Previous news reported that the CoinEx hack has caused a loss of $43 million.

CoinEX: Regular maintenance has been completed and related functions have been restored

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinEX posted on social media X, saying that regular maintenance has been completed and related functions have been restored. Thank you for your patience.

CoinEx Global: CoinEx upgraded the hot and cold wallet system and established the CoinEx Shield Fund

CoinEx Global posted on X platform (formerly Twitter) that CoinEx Response Update has upgraded its cold and hot wallet systems to enhance asset protection, and has established the CoinEx Shield Fund. In addition, CoinEx has strengthened its cooperation with top security companies such as SlowMist.

SlowMist reaches strategic cooperation with CoinEx Global to build a more secure crypto community

According to official sources, SlowMist announced a strategic partnership with CoinEx Global to jointly research anti-cryptocurrency money laundering, intercept illegal funds, and blockchain threat intelligence, in order to build a safer encrypted community.

CoinEx Reveals Hackers Stole Over $70 Million in Tokens Due to Compromised Private Keys

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx has reported a security breach resulting in the theft of over $70 million worth of tokens due to compromised private keys. The exchange is currently investigating the identity of the hackers, with some blockchain security firms attributing the attack to North Korean “Lazarus Group” hackers.

CoinEx Attack Was Carried Out by North Korea-Sponsored Hackers

23pds, the Chief Information Security Officer of SlowMist, a blockchain security company, stated in a post that the $55 million hack of cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx was carried out by North Korean state-sponsored hackers.

PeckShield: CoinEx Attacker Transferred 113 Eth to Ethereum Mainnet and Then Transferred It to Multiple Cex

PeckShield, attackers on the cryptocurrency trading platform CoinEx used Stargate to transfer 113 ETH from Arbitrum to the Ethereum mainnet, and then transferred them to centralized trading platforms such as Binance and FixedFloat.

CoinEx Attacker Cross-Chained 113 Eth to Ethereum and Then Transferred It to the Exchange

According to PeckShield monitoring, the attacker of CoinEx transferred 113 ETH across chains to Ethereum and then transferred them to exchanges, including FixedFloat and Binance.

CoinEx Hackers Exchanged Multiple Tokens for Bnb and Transferred 29,552 Bnb to a Dormant Address

According to Scopescan monitoring on September 14th, CoinEx, a cryptocurrency trading platform, has reported that the malicious attacker associated with address starting with 0x6953 has converted all their FLOKI, BRG, TLM, BUGER and other tokens into BNB and transferred 29,552 BNB tokens (approximately $6.2 million) to the address starting with 0xc844, which is currently in a dormant state.

CoinEx Releases Suspicious Wallet Addresses Related to Hacking Attacks

CoinEx team has announced the associated addresses of the malicious attacker and will continue to update the suspicious addresses that have been located. They have also requested assistance from relevant project teams and institutions to help CoinEx freeze and handle the situation.