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Coinbase CEO: Focus on using encryption to promote the renewal of the global financial system

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong stated during the Q1 2024 earnings call that "we only want to focus on how to make the cryptocurrency industry more applicable to the global financial system, making it faster, cheaper, and more global. We also try not to announce anything in advance during these conference calls. We don't want to announce the steam engine, let's really go and build."

Coinbase International Station Q1 Perpetual Futures Contract Trading Volume Exceeds US$76 Billion

Coinbase International announced on X platform that, according to information disclosed during the Coinbase Q1 financial report conference call, the nominal contract trading volume of Coinbase International's perpetual futures in the quarter exceeded 76 billion US dollars. In addition, the trading volume on April 30th exceeded 30 billion US dollars.

2 new wallets withdrew 7.85 million ARB from Coinbase 12 hours ago

As monitored by The Data Nerd, 2 new wallets withdrew 7.85 million ARB (approximately $8.91 million) from Coinbase 12 hours ago.

Kathryn Haun: Will resign from Coinbase board of directors

Kathryn Haun, a member of Coinbase's board of directors, announced on social media that she will leave Coinbase's board of directors at the end of her third term this year. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said she is the longest-serving independent director at Coinbase, with a tenure of over 7 years. Haun stated that the cryptocurrency industry is in a significant expansion phase and Coinbase is ready for vigorous growth. HaunVentures is also undergoing similar expansion and she feels it is time to double down on supporting its growing founder cohort and establish a lasting venture capital fund.

Grayscale transferred a total of approximately 1,202 BTC to Coinbase and Coinbase Prime this morning

According to data monitored by Arkham, Grayscale transferred about 1202 BTC to Coinbase and Coinbase Prime this morning. The data shows that Grayscale transferred about 1050 BTC to Coinbase about 9 hours ago, worth about $66.96 million, and then transferred about 151.416 BTC to Coinbase Prime about 7 hours ago, worth about $9.76 million.

Coinbase files interlocutory appeal in its case against SEC

According to a source, Coinbase has filed a middle appeal, claiming sufficient reasons for disagreement. Last month, Coinbase filed a motion to appeal the judge's ruling, allowing lawsuits involving the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and exchanges to continue without being dismissed. In the motion, the exchange will argue whether the SEC has the authority to review digital asset transactions as investment contracts, even if there is no contract between the issuer and the investor.

Coinbase Receives FinCEN Director’s Law Enforcement Award for Contributing to Major Criminal Cases

Coinbase's Chief Legal Officer, paulgrewal.eth, posted on X platform that the exchange had received a letter from FinCEN congratulating Coinbase for its significant contribution to one of seven major criminal cases, and as a result, received the FinCEN Director's Law Enforcement Award.

7,481 BTC transferred from unknown wallet to Coinbase Institutional

Whale Alert monitoring shows that at 17:27:46 Beijing time today, 7,481 BTC ($497,144,844) was transferred from an unknown wallet to Coinbase Institutional.

KBW Raises Coinbase Price Target to $230, Citing Unique Exposure to Crypto Economy

KBW, a broker, has increased its price target for Coinbase from $160 to $230 due to the unique exposure the crypto exchange offers to the long-term growth of the crypto economy. The report highlights that Coinbase's trading activity continues to surge, with daily volume for March averaging $5.1 billion. The growth in USDC outstanding balances, elevated crypto asset levels, and retail re-engagement from trough levels in 2023 are seen as significant near-term revenue opportunities for Coinbase. However, the legal battle with the SEC and uncertain regulatory environment make it difficult for institutional investors to own the stock.

Coinbase Launches Command Line Interface for Testing Coinbase International Exchange API

According to official sources, Coinbase has launched a command-line interface for testing Coinbase International Exchange API. INTX CLI is a command-line interface that allows developers to test Coinbase INTX REST API without having to write any code. It provides a simple solution to test various operations such as placing orders and retrieving transaction details. This CLI simplifies the development workflow and speeds up integration.