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Blast Ecosystem Leverage Trading Protocol Particle Releases Token Economics, Initial Airdrop of 20 Million Tokens

On June 29th, Blast's decentralized leverage trading protocol Particle released the PTC token economics. The TGE will take place on July 2nd at 18:00 (UTC+8). The maximum token supply is 200 million, with 55% allocated to the community, 21% to contributors, and 24% to investors. The initial airdrop will distribute 20 million tokens (about 18.2% of the community allocation) linearly over 24 months. Contributor and investor tokens will be locked for 6 months.

ZAP: Blast Gigadrops to be launched on May 27

ZAP, a token issuance protocol driven by the Blast ecosystem community, announced on X platform that it plans to launch the Blast Gigadrops event on May 27th, which will last for about 5 weeks. The total prize pool exceeds 500,000 US dollars, and this event will cooperate with more than 20 other Blast projects.

Blast Launches Blast Jackpot, Allowing Token and NFT Holders to Earn Gold Points

Blast has launched Blast Jackpot, a new way for token and NFT holders to earn Gold points, where all Blast token and NFT holders will be eligible to share 1 million Gold points.

Blast token issuance protocol Zap announces partnership with lending protocol Seismic Finance

According to official announcement ,the Blast token issuance protocol Zap has announced its partnership with lending protocol Seismic Finance, which will be launched on Zap.Seismic Finance is a Blast-native currency market that obtains and provides liquidity and leverage on Blast through Seismic. Users can seamlessly access core Blast assets bETH and USDB, and deposits have already taken effect.Seismic will distribute 20k Blast Gold, plus $QUAKE points and Blast Points to its depositors and users. The ZAP and Seismic collaboration allows users to earn more Blast Points and ZAP XP through key integrations. Seismic token $QUAKE will soon be exclusively available for sale on ZAP.

Juice: Native Minting V3 ETHFI vault has been launched, with an initial limit of 5,000 ETH

The Blast DeFi project Juice has announced on the X platform that it has launched the Native Minting V3 ETHFI vault, with an initial limit of 5,000 ETH (maximum of 500 ETH per user).

Blast announces details of the second phase of "Gold Points" distribution

Blast announced the distribution details of the second phase of "BlastGold". A total of 10 million "BlastGold" will be distributed to 70 ecological projects next week. The top three projects in terms of distribution quota are Thruster (1,099,908 coins), DistrictOne (733,272 coins), and Fantasy (733,272 coins).

Munchables: Confirmation that the full refund distribution process is now complete

Munchables, the Blast ecosystem project that was previously attacked by hackers, announced on X platform that the full refund distribution process has now been completed. Next, they will process all Blast rewards for OG locked users and prepare to open the next chapter. Munchables reminds users that refund funds have been directly sent to the relevant user's wallet and not to interact with any website that requests token claims to prevent fraud.

Blast Ecosystem DeFi Protocol Juice Finance has allowed users to withdraw wETH

Blast ecosystem DeFi protocol Juice Finance announced that users can now withdraw wETH from Munch. The specific steps are to withdraw the maximum amount from the insurance pool (repay the lending pool), repay the interest, and withdraw wETH to the wallet.

Blast Network is Now Online on Uniswap

Uniswap users can now exchange and provide liquidity on Blast through the Uniswap interface. This marks the first time that Uniswap users can earn native rewards through LP positions, thanks to Blast's rebase function. Blast network provides native rewards for ETH and USDB stablecoins, and optimizes users' trading experience by reducing transaction fees and speeding up exchanges (compared to the Ethereum mainnet). Users can start exchanging tokens on Blast by selecting Blast as their network.

Munchables Game on Ethereum Layer 2 Blast Loses $62 Million in Exploit, but All User Funds Are Safe

Munchables, a game on the recently launched Ethereum Layer 2 Blast, lost $62 million in an exploit but the team has confirmed that all user funds are safe. The exploit was carried out by an insider who worked on the game, but the developer has since returned all funds without any ransom required. The Munchables team has moved the $62 million from the exploiter wallet into a multi-signature wallet and is warning users of fake accounts asking for eligibility to reclaim funds. Blast, the Layer-2 scaling solution, has experienced rapid growth and is gearing up for a $1.3 billion airdrop in May.