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Base announces the introduction of ecological security monitoring system Pessimism

Layer 2 network Base under Coinbase announced the introduction of an open-source monitoring system for the Optimism ecosystem called Pessimism, which can identify protocol threats and security vulnerabilities specific to networks created using the OP stack and other EVM compatible chains. It is reported that the Pessimism system includes three main subsystems: ETL subsystem, risk engine, and alerts, which together can parse, analyze, and flag potential security issues.

Base Announces Open Source Monitoring System Pessimism to Enhance Op Stack and Evm Compatible Chain Security

Coinbase's L2 network, Base, has announced the open-source monitoring system, Pessimism, aimed at helping to secure all OP Stack and EVM-compatible chains. Since its launch, the Coinbase team has been internally running Pessimism to monitor the Base mainnet. Base states that, in the spirit of contributing to the public good, Pessimism will be open-sourced as free and unlicensed software under permission from MIT.

Coinbase's Layer 2 Blockchain Base Sets Record Daily Transactions Driven by Decentralized Social Network

Coinbase's Layer 2 blockchain platform, Base, set a new record for daily transactions on September 14, 2023, with 1.88 million transactions. This surpassed the combined figures of its competitors, Arbitrum and Optimism.

Base’s transaction volume per second is twice that of ZkSync and four times that of Arbitrum

Base stated in its official tweet that its transaction speed reached 21.29 TPS per second, which is twice as fast as ZkSync and four times as fast as Arbitrum. In addition, Base's 24-hour transaction volume exceeded all Layer 2 on September 14, processing 1.88 million transactions in less than a day.

BaseTVL Breaks $390 Million

According to L2BEAT data reported, the total value locked (TVL) in the Base network is currently $390 million, with a 7-day increase of 6.64%, ranking third.

Base Ecosystem Fund Announces Six Investments

On September 8th, Coinbase's L2 blockchain, Base, announced that its ecosystem fund, Base Ecosystem Fund, has completed investments in six projects: Avantis, a synthetic derivative protocol based on an oracle; BSX, a decentralized limit order book; Onboard, an on-chain self-custody service (with a $1.9 million investment); OpenCover, an L2 insurance aggregator (with a $4 million seed round investment) in collaboration with underwriters such as Nexus Mutual; Paragraph, an on-chain creator platform; and Truflation, an on-chain financial oracle. Base stated that it will collaborate with these teams to promote the development of the Base ecosystem and bring more builders and users onto the chain.

Aave, Circle, Coinbase and Base Become Founding Members of the Tokenized Asset Alliance

On September 8th, according to Cointelegraph, Aave, Centrifuge, Circle, Coinbase, Base, Credix, Goldfinch, and have formed the Tokenized Asset Alliance (TAC) and become its founding members. However, any organization that agrees with the vision of "creating a unified financial system on the blockchain" can join the TAC charter.