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Renault's BWT Alpine F1 Team announces partnership with ApeCoinDAO

The BWT Alpine F1 team under Renault announced a partnership with ApeCoinDAO on X platform, which will introduce APE into the Alpine F1 ecosystem and collaborate with global token holders to launch peripheral products and digital assets inspired by the first ApeCoin. It is reported that according to the cooperation between the two parties, in the future, BAYC NFTs may be able to wear equipment and clothing with the Alpine team logo.

State of ApeCoin Q1 2024

ApeCoin (APE) is an ERC-20 token used to govern the ApeCoin DAO. Holding any amount of APE qualifies the holder as an ApeCoin DAO member. Members create and vote on ApeCoin Improvement Proposals (AIPs) that encompass Ecosystem Fund distribution, governance rules, partnerships, and more. Third-party developers can incorporate APE into their respective projects.
State of ApeCoin Q1 2024

Polygon provides US$3.6 million for ApeChain operating privileges

Huang Licheng (Machi Big Brother) stated on social media that Polygon offered $3.6 million as operational privileges for ApeChain, and the current value of 20 million OP is $60 million.

ApeCoin 2023 Q4 status report: APE market value increased by 53% month-on-month, and APE token price increased by 41% month-on-month

Messari released a status report on ApeCoin in Q4 2023, stating that the APE token price increased by 41% compared to the previous quarter, and the APE market value increased by 53% compared to the previous quarter.ApeCoin DAO voted to cut the special committee's compensation for newly elected members in half, saving the DAO approximately $375,000 in 2024.ApeCoin DAO voted in Q4 to allocate $1.6 million, a 92% decrease compared to the previous quarter.

Huang Licheng: ApeCoin staking reduces the value of Boring Monkey ecological NFT, and it is recommended to launch a proposal to speed up the staking distribution with reasonable discounts

In response to David Choi of MetaStreet's claim that the value of NFT assets in the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem has dropped significantly since the launch of APE staking, "Brother Maji" Huang Licheng responded on social media that ApeCoin staking will lower the value of BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, and ApeCoin. However, if staking distribution can be accelerated at a reasonable discount (such as around 50%), it can alleviate the downward pressure on the value of NFT assets. The remaining 50% of the staking value can be returned to the DAO treasury. In addition, Huang Licheng also called on David Choi to draft a proposal to optimize this issue.

Arbitrum proposes to build ApeChain based on Arbitrum technology, with growth led by Horizen Labs

Arbitrum has submitted a proposal to Apecoin suggesting the use of APE as the native Gas token to develop ApeChain on Arbitrum, with ecosystem development led by Horizen Labs. The proposal states that ApeChain, built on Arbitrum technology with guidance and support from Horizen Labs experts, is the best way to attract more users to the Ape community.

GSR Markets withdrew a total of 3.02 million APE from Binance today, worth US$4.91 million

On December 6th, according to Yu Jin monitoring, GSR Markets today extracted a total of 3,021,048 APE from Binance, worth $4.91 million, and then transferred it to the 0xc98 multi-signature address.

The ApeCoin community launches a proposal vote to "improve the election method of working group administrators and reshape Ape Assembly"

Snapshot page shows that the ApeCoin DAO community is voting on the proposal to "Enable DAO All-Member Voting to Elect Working Group Administrators (Stewards)". The voting will end on November 16th, and the current approval rate is 98.99%.

Huang Licheng has purchased a total of 6.03 million APE since August 2 and has currently lost approximately US$3.56 million.

According to data released by Lookonchain, Huang Licheng (Machi Big Brother) has been buying APE almost every day, purchasing a total of 6.03 million APE (worth 12.88 million US dollars) since August 2nd, with an average purchase price of 2.14 US dollars, resulting in a current loss of approximately 3.56 million US dollars.

This week CYBER, APE, ROSE and other tokens will be unlocked in large amounts

According to Token Unlocks data from Odaily Planet Daily, this week (November 13th to November 19th), 5 tokens - CYBER, FLOW, 1INCH, APE, and ROSE - will have large unlocks: On November 15th at 2:14 (UTC), CyberConnect will unlock 1.26 million CYBER tokens (approximately $8.36 million), accounting for 11.43% of the circulating supply; On November 16th at 8:00 (UTC), Flow will unlock 2.6 million FLOW tokens (approximately $1.82 million), accounting for 0.25% of the circulating supply; On November 16th at 20:00 (UTC), 1inch will unlock 21,430 1INCH tokens (approximately $8,160); On November 17th at 8:00 (UTC), ApeCoin will unlock 15.6 million APE tokens (approximately $22.93 million), accounting for 4.23% of the circulating supply; On November 19th at 12:00 (UTC), Oasis Network will unlock 196 million ROSE tokens (approximately $14.54 million), accounting for 3.9% of the circulating supply.