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Amber Group and Bitpanda deposit AGIX and OCEAN to Binance

According to The Data Nerd's monitoring, an Amber Group wallet deposited 8.932 million AGIX (worth about $5.09 million) and 2.133 million OCEAN (worth about $1.22 million) into Binance one hour ago.

Amber Group bought 987,000 UNI from CEX in the past 2 hours, equivalent to about 10.36 million US dollars

According to the analysis of on-chain analyst Yu Jin, Amber Group has withdrawn 987,000 UNI (worth $10.36 million) from Binance and Gate in the past 2 hours.

Amber Group deposited 25 million GRT to Binance in the past 13 hours, worth $8.03 million

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, Amber Group has deposited 25 million GRT, worth $8.03 million, into Binance over the past 13 hours. Amber received 25 million GRT tokens from The Graph project three years ago, and funds have been continuously moving in and out of exchanges. In the past two days, they have deposited a total of 30 million GRT tokens into exchanges, with a transfer price of $0.32. Currently, they still have 35.2 million GRT remaining.

Suspected Amber Group address withdraws 3 million SAFE from

Spot On Chain monitoring shows that wallet 0x011 (possibly Amber Group) withdrew 3 million SAFE tokens (worth $6.72 million) from for the first time at a price of $2.25, six hours ago. It is worth noting that the price of SAFE has fallen by about 36% since April 23, 2024.

Amber Group transferred 330,000 DYDX to address 0x4E4

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, Amber Group transferred 330,000 DYDX tokens to address 0x4E4...4Df6e, which were then all deposited into Binance, worth $1 million. Address 0x4E4...4Df6e was involved in a large sell-off of DYDX on November 15-18, 2023, which caused a 12% drop in the coin's price. Since November 15, 2023, the address has deposited a total of 4.93 million DYDX tokens into Binance, worth $15.42 million. The Amber address currently holds 2.53 million DYDX tokens, worth $7.69 million.

Amber Group wallet address allegedly withdraws 5.106 million ENA from Binance at $0.913

Spot On Chain monitoring shows that a wallet address starting with 0x011 (suspected to belong to Amber Group) withdrew 5.106 million ENA (US$4.66 million) from Binance at a price of approximately US$0.913 in the past 2 hours.

Amber Group deposited 1 million ARB to Coinbase 5 minutes ago

According to on-chain analyst ai_9684xtpa, Amber Group deposited 1 million ARB tokens worth $1.97 million into Coinbase 5 minutes ago. The address currently holds a total of 11.82 million ARB tokens worth $23.29 million.

Amber Group is suspected to have accumulated 3.16 million DYDX and 25.38 million BLUR, worth US$30 million

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, Amber Group's suspected address has accumulated 3.16 million DYDX tokens and 25.38 million BLUR tokens, with a total value of $30 million. The address received 200,000 DYDX tokens worth $690,000 transferred from Binance one day ago, from Amber's associated address 0x011D...F4e27, 40 minutes ago. Additionally, the address has been continuously receiving DYDX and BLUR tokens since April 2023.

Amber Group and GSR transferred 2.766 million DYDX to Binance 40 minutes ago

FOMOonchain monitoring shows that Amber Group and GSR transferred 2.766 million DYDX (worth 8.49 million USD) to Binance 40 minutes ago. Prior to this, the wallet had received DYDX from multiple anonymous wallets, which were found to be related to the DYDX team after investigation. About a month ago, these anonymous wallets also transferred a large amount of tokens to Binance, but did not sell them, indicating that this may be a simulation exercise.

Amber Group withdrew 989,898 LDO from Binance

According to Spot On Chain monitoring data, Amber Group has just extracted 989,898 LDO tokens (worth $2.45 million) from Binance at a price of $2.48 per token using the address 0x011. Since August 18th, the venture capital company has withdrawn a total of 8.938 million LDO tokens (equivalent to $17.8 million at an average price of $1.995 per token) from Binance. The estimated profit is $4.33 million (+24.3%) (all unrealized).