The Aave Community Has Voted to Approve the ARFC Proposal “Deploying Aave V3 to Polygon zkEVM”

September 27th, the Snapshot voting page showed that the Aave community has voted in favor of the ARFC proposal "deploying Aave V3 to Polygon zkEVM", which suggests deploying a minimum viable product (MVP) version of Aave V3 on the Polygon zkEVM network to promote Aave's diversity on L2 and expand its influence in the DeFi field. The proposal plans to deploy Aave V3.0.1 on Polygon zkEVM, which includes three collateral types (WETH, WMATIC, and USDC) and one borrowable asset (USDC). 

A Whale Sold 402.5 MKR at an Average Price of $1,314, With a Profit Margin of 262%

A whale address starting with 0xc2b sold 402.5 MKR (worth $529,000) for $1,314 each on CoWSwap 13 hours ago.The token was reportedly bought at an average entry price of $510 and stored in Aave for 2 years. The seller made a total profit of $323,700 (262%).

A Giant Whale Once Again Withdrew 1.15 Million ARB From Binance in the Past 2 Days

Lookonchain monitoring shows that a whale has once again withdrawn 1.15 million ARB tokens (worth 952,000 USD) from Binance in the past two days. The whale had previously gone long on ARB on Aave on July 23rd, but due to a drop in ARB price, they had to sell their tokens at a loss on September 11th to repay their debt.

Aave's Proposal to Deploy Freeze Stewards to Multiple Chains Has Been Passed, Allowing Administrators to Freeze Assets

Aave's proposal to deploy Freeze Stewards to multiple chains has been approved. Freeze Stewards allow administrators to freeze assets, which have already been deployed on the Aave V3 Ethereum pool. This proposal aims to deploy this feature to multiple chains, including Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Metis, and Base.

The Aave Community Is Conducting an On-Chain Vote on the Proposal to "Increase the GHO Lending Interest Rate to 2.5%"

September 18th, the governance page showed that the Aave community is conducting on-chain voting on the proposal to "increase the lending rate of stablecoin GHO". The voting will end on September 19th. The proposal suggests increasing GHO's borrowing and lending annual interest rate from the current 1.5% to 2.5%, with the aim of solving GHO's deviation problem and ensuring its growth and market credibility.

After BTC Fell Below $25,000, an Address Was Liquidated for 219.69 WBTC on AAVE

According to PeckShield monitoring, after the BTC price fell below $25,000, address 0x47ab2b was liquidated for 219.69 WBTC (worth about $5.64 million) on AAVE.

Eight Organizations Including Aave, Circle, and Coinbase Have Jointly Established the “Tokenized Asset Alliance TAC”

Aave, Centrifuge, Circle, Coinbase, Base, Credix, Goldfinch, and have formed the "Tokenized Asset Alliance (TAC)" and become founding members of the alliance. In addition, any organization that shares the vision of "creating a unified financial system on the blockchain" can join the TAC charter.

Aave, Circle, Coinbase and Base Become Founding Members of the Tokenized Asset Alliance

On September 8th, according to Cointelegraph, Aave, Centrifuge, Circle, Coinbase, Base, Credix, Goldfinch, and have formed the Tokenized Asset Alliance (TAC) and become its founding members. However, any organization that agrees with the vision of "creating a unified financial system on the blockchain" can join the TAC charter.

Aave proposes to migrate DAO funds on Avalanche to V3, aiming to increase deposit interest rates

According to the Aave governance page, the Aave community has passed a proposal to migrate funds from the Aave DAO to V3 on Avalanche. The proposal suggests redeeming all Aave DAO funds on Avalanche V2, which is approximately $4.58 million, and transferring them to Aave V3 on Avalanche because V3 has higher interest rates and wAVAX rewards.

Over 43 Million sDAI Have Been Deposited on Aave, Accounting for 5.7% of the Total Supply

September 1st, according to analyst Tom Wan's monitoring, more than 43 million sDAI have been deposited on Aave, accounting for 5.7% of the total supply. At the same time, since AAVE launched the sDAI pool, the supply of sDAI has also increased by 5.9%.