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Initiated by Uweb and Waterdrip Capital, "Deep in Labs" announces its DePIN Demo Day

Initiated by Uweb and Waterdrip Capital, "Deep in Labs" announces its DePIN Demo Day

April 28 · 12:00 am - April 28 · 8:00 pm (GMT+0800)
Hong Kong

On April 28, "Deep in Labs" will present an online edition of its DePIN Demo Day, creating an opportunity for outstanding DePIN projects to showcase their work. Furthermore, during the BTC Asia event in May, an following offline DePIN Demo Day will be organized in Hong Kong. Notably, 80% of the participating projects stand a chance to receive investment from "Deep in Labs" and associated partner ventures.

Demo Day campaign outline:

Online Registration:   (March 27 - April 24)

The registration and selection process for Demo Day will commence on March 27 and conclude on April 24. During this period, we invite exceptional projects from across the globe to apply online. After careful evaluation, 20-30 projects that exhibit innovation, feasibility, and the potential to make a positive contribution to the DePIN ecosystem will be chosen for participation.

Online Demo Day: (April 28/29)

Selected projects will be invited to showcase their innovations through an online demo, which will be accessible to Web3.0 enthusiasts, investors, and industry experts worldwide. A judging committee, meticulously organized by Deep in Labs, will evaluate and identify the most outstanding projects, affording them the opportunity to participate in the offline Demo Day event scheduled for May.

Offline Demo Day Final in Hong Kong : (May 10)

Projects that excel during the online Project Presentation on April 28/29 will be officially invited to participate in the "Deep in Labs" Hong Kong offline roadshow event. This invitation offers a prime opportunity for deeper engagement, where participants can engage and connect with an extensive network of DePIN industry leaders, investors, and potential collaborators. Ultimately, up to 80% of the participating projects stand a chance to receive investment support from Deep in Labs and associated co-sponsors. 

Program details:  "Deep in Labs" DePIN Demo Day

Registration period: March 27 to April 24

Organizer: Deep in Labs

Sponsor: Uweb, Waterdrip Capital

Co-sponsors: Hash Global, JDI, IoTex, Depin X, Rug Radio China,  Techub News

Supporting media: PANews, BlockBeats, Odaily, Jinse Finance, ChainCather, MetaEra, Followin, Marsbit, Cointime, Binance Square,CFB,,

World Chain Finance, Bitkoala

Participation requirements:

The project must be situated within the DePIN or DePIN+AI domain, demonstrating both innovation and practicality.

Participants interested in the "Deep in Labs" roadshow can sign up via the registration link below.

Registration deadline: 24:00 Hong Kong Time on April 24 (UTC + 8)

Announcement of Online Roadshow Approval Date: April 25-27, Hong Kong Time

For inquiries, contact Romeo for assistance via Telegram (@romeowang) or email to ([email protected]).

About "Deep in Labs"

Initiated by Uweb and Waterdrip Capital, "Deep in Labs" is headquartered in Hong Kong. It brings together an esteemed group of partners, including Hash Global, JDI, IoTex, DePIN X, Rug Radio China, and Techub News. With a focus on DePIN and AI-related fields, we offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from industry-specific research to project incubation and investment. Our mission is to drive the global development of the DePIN ecosystem and contribute to its prosperity.

About "Uweb"

UWEB, an education, training, and incubation platform, specializes in high-end Web3 investment education. Founded by Dr. Yu Jianing, the former president of Huobi University, UWEB builds on a rich six-year historical legacy. Boasting the largest high-end alumni network in the industry and a team of highly esteemed teachers, UWEB stands out in its field.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, UWEB offers professional Web3.0 investment-related courses tailored for investors, entrepreneurs, and institutions worldwide. We actively explore and incubate top-tier projects among our pool of exceptional students, accompanying Web3.0 entrepreneurs on their journey of growth and success.

About “Waterdrip Capital”

Waterdrip Capital was co-funded by Chinese blockchain industry veterans in 2017. As an investment institution focusing on the blockchain vertical field, Waterdrip Capital has invested in more than 150 blockchain projects, including public chain infrastructure, Bitcoin ecosystem, DeFi, Metaverse, Compliance Finance, etc.