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OM Card Event: Empower Your Chakra Journey

OM Card Event: Empower Your Chakra Journey

March 21 · 12:00 am - May 23 · 12:00 am (GMT+0800)

The echoes of the universe have come, and the mystical essence of Chakra beckons. It's more than a call—it's a convergence of energies, a summons to the guardians of innovation and revolution.

Now it is the moment to unite, to step forward as Chakra Contributors and embark on an extraordinary journey together. Let's reveal the secrets of Chakra, hand in hand.

Before you set forth, arm yourself with the power of Chakra. Claim your OM Cards and let them be your beacon.

The Power of OM Cards

Every OM Card pulsates with potential and gratitude, mirroring an investment of faith and energy in our collective vision.

In the first round, each OM card is imbued with the might to be exchanged for 16,666 Chakras, a testament to your invaluable contribution.

But heed this: as Chakra journey progresses, the quantity of Chakra per OM Card will be decreased in each subsequent round, reflecting the growing finance value of our shared endeavor.

A Universe of Opportunities

A total of 330 OM Cards await their owners. There is no limit the number of OM cards one can safeguard—it depends on your dedication and contributions.

Join the Circle of Contributors

We call upon a variety of pioneering contributors, each unique yet united in purpose:

  • Visionary Investors
  • Business Partners
  • Charismatic Ambassadors
  • Creative Developers

Embark on Your Quest

The path to becoming a Chakra Contributor is paved with actions that resonate with our core values.

Your role in Chakra journey is crucial, and your contributions in any form—be it through amplifying our TVL, weaving new partnerships, invigorating our community, or any innovative efforts you believe will propel Chakra to new heights, are the keystones of our collective success.