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smartestmoney.eth repays 2.7 million USDT on Aave and withdraws 9,255 wstETH

According to Lookonchain monitoring, an address named smartestmoney.eth leveraged to repay 2.7 million USDT in Aave and withdrew 9,255 wstETH (approximately 23.9 million US dollars), and then requested to withdraw 10,632 ETH from Lido.

Prisma Finance: PIP-004 proposal has been implemented and the wstETH oracle has been put into operation

Stablecoin protocol Prisma Finance for LSD announced on social media that the PIP-004 proposal has been passed and implemented, and the wstETH collateral oracle has been put into operation.The previously used stETH/USD Chainlink oracle has been updated to a combination of stETH/ETH and ETH/USD. The original stETH/USD Chainlink oracle had a deviation threshold of 1%, while the updated oracle will reduce the deviation threshold to 0.5% to provide more accurate price feeding services.

The whale mcpro.eth added another 2002 wstETH liquidity 1 hour ago

Scopescan stated on social media that Whale mcpro.eth continues to sell wstETH and BTC by increasing unilateral liquidity. An hour ago, mcpro.eth increased another 2002 wstETH (4.7 million US dollars) / 0 USDC LP. When wstETH exceeds 2409 (ETH 2100 US dollars), the whale will remove liquidity and harvest USDC.

Lido DAO proposes to accept ownership of wstETH bridge component on zkSync Era

On November 8th, Snapshot page shows that Lido DAO has proposed a governance proposal regarding whether Lido DAO should accept ownership of the wstETH bridging component on zkSync Era. Previously, Matter Labs team and TxFusion team have introduced wstETH into the zkSync Era ecosystem based on the deployment experience of Optimism through regulatory measures.

Prisma Finance will increase wstETH debt limit to 200 million mkUSD

Prisma Finance announced on X platform that the Prisma Improvement Proposal 001 has been approved. The debt ceiling of Lido Finance's wstETH will increase from 100 million mkUSD to 200 million mkUSD at around 11:00 pm UTC on November 4th.

Prisma Finance launches first proposal to increase wstETH debt limit to 200 million mkUSD

Stablecoin protocol Prisma Finance has announced the release of its first proposal, PIP 001, which aims to increase the debt ceiling of the wstETH treasury from the current 100 million mkUSD to 200 million mkUSD, allowing more users to participate in the minting of mkUSD. The proposal is currently open for voting and is expected to end on November 4, 2023, with a current approval rate of 100%.

Justin Sun related addresses deposited $112 million worth of wstETH to Prisma

On November 2, as monitored by Arkham, an address related to Justin Sun deposited $112 million worth of wstETH into the Prisma Finance stablecoin protocol for LSD and minted over $60 million worth of mkUSD stablecoins in the past hour. Currently, the address holds over 60% of the Prisma wstETH pool.

Justin Sun related address deposited $110 million wstETH to Prisma Finance

XArkham monitoring shows that in the past hour, a large address related to Justin Sun has deposited $110 million worth of wstETH into the Prisma Finance pool and minted over $60 million worth of mkUSD stablecoins. The address (0x9FC) currently holds more than 60% of the wstETH deposited in Prisma.

Nine Ethereum protocols criticize LayerZero's new bridged token standard

Nine protocols in the Ethereum ecosystem, including Connext, Chainsafe, Sygma, LiFi, Socket, Hashi, Across, Celer, and Router, have criticized LayerZero's new bridged token for its "vendor-locked proprietary standard." They claim that this standard limits the freedom of token issuers and creates systemic risks for projects. The protocols advocate for the use of the xERC-20 token standard for bridging stETH instead of LayerZero's new token. LayerZero launched the bridged version of stETH, called "Wrapped Staked Ether (wstETH)," on BNB Chain, Avalanche, and Scroll without needing the approval of Lido's governing body, LidoDAO.