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Klaytn: The official Discord server is under attack, please do not click on any links or interact with it

Klaytn has issued a statement on X platform to remind users that their official Discord server has been attacked. Please do not click on any links or interact with any posts until further notice. The team is currently working to remove malicious bots and regain control.

Klaytn will merge with Finschia in stages, and governance voting will begin on January 26

Korean public blockchain Klaytn released an additional explanation of the merger proposal with blockchain project Finschia launched by instant messaging application LINE. The newly established foundation will merge in stages, with the first stage of "token generation and governance" being carried out on the EVM core stack. The newly merged ecosystem and chain will promote synergies and competitiveness in four key areas, including ecosystem, token economy, core network, and governance. In addition, Klaytn will hold a joint Q&A session with Finschia today. The governance voting time is 13:00 on January 26th Beijing time, and the voting deadline is 13:00 on February 2nd.