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Digital Chamber of Commerce CEO: Senate Ethics Committee should launch full investigation of Sen. Elizabeth Warren

According to Jinse Finance, Perianne Boring, CEO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, said in an interview with Fox Business on Thursday that the Senate Ethics Committee should conduct a comprehensive investigation into Senator Elizabeth Warren, who made false and misleading statements about cryptocurrency and misled the American people and Congress in multiple ways.

U.S. Senator Warren: Crypto industry lobbyists are “undermining” counterterrorism efforts

US Senator Elizabeth Warren (Democrat from Massachusetts) wrote a letter to the blockchain association stating that lobbying efforts in the cryptocurrency industry have "undermined" the federal government's counter-terrorism efforts and claimed that cryptocurrencies are being used by terrorist organizations, including Hamas, to circumvent sanctions. Warren accused the blockchain association and "other cryptocurrency interest groups" of lobbying efforts that are "focused on delaying and denying new rules that would restrict terrorists and criminals from using cryptocurrency."

Opinion: Warren’s digital asset anti-money laundering bill may be unconstitutional and unlikely to pass

Daniel Kuhn, the deputy editor of "Consensus" magazine, wrote that the digital asset anti-money laundering bill signed by Senator Elizabeth Warren (Democrat from Massachusetts) and several members of the Senate Banking Committee may be unconstitutional and unlikely to pass. The reason is the same as many reasons why governance in the United States is often obstructed: partisan politics, infighting, and deadlock. The main goal of the bill is to attack cryptocurrency as a trend, as well as the narrow issue of cryptocurrency being used to fund terrorism, money laundering, and other criminal activities.