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US Congressman: Cryptocurrency will become an important issue in Senate election

Republican Senator Cynthia Lummis stated that the party is working hard to regain control of the Senate Banking Committee from the Democrats while advocating for cryptocurrency. She urged cryptocurrency enthusiasts to participate in election forums and encourage candidates to take a stance on digital assets. Lummis pointed out that the crucial Ohio election will determine the majority party in the Senate and the leadership of the banking committee, and predicted that the cryptocurrency issue will be a focus of attention. Currently, Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, who leads the Senate, is skeptical of digital assets, while his Republican challenger Bernie Moreno is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. Lummis suggested that industry insiders actively participate in public forums to ensure that candidates take a position on cryptocurrency issues.

RAY briefly broke through $2.4, with an intraday increase of 20.19%

The market shows that RAY has broken through $2.4 in a short time and is currently priced at $2.3145, with a daily increase of 20.19%. The market is volatile, so please be prepared for risk control.

Zebec: ZBC tokens will be split into ZBCN at a 1:10 ratio, token economics remain roughly the same

According to official sources, the Zebec protocol and its ZBC token have evolved into the Zebec Network and ZBCN token to better represent the business and growing product portfolio, as well as the infrastructure network that powers it. The token will be exchanged between April 10th and May 10th, without introducing new token supply. The token economics of ZBCN will be similar to ZBC, maintaining the same governance, utility, ownership, and locking schedule, except for the new token name and a token split ratio of 1:10.

Munchables: Allocation contract that has completed data verification and established lock-up and refund

Munchables has officially announced on social media that it has successfully completed data verification and established a lock-up refund distribution contract, which is currently undergoing verification and review by multiple teams.

TON ecological TVL exceeded US$79 million, reaching a record high

According to DeFiLlama data, the TVL of TON ecology exceeded 79 million US dollars, currently about 79.76 million US dollars, reaching a new historical high. It is reported that the top five TVL protocols in the TON ecosystem are Tonstakers,, bemo, DeDust, and Stakee.

Toncoin market value exceeds US$17 billion

With Toncoin (TON) briefly breaking through $5 to reach a new high, its market value also exceeded $17 billion. According to Coingecko data at the time of writing this article, it reached $17,185,118,389, setting a new historical high. Currently, it has surpassed Shib Inu (SHIB, with a current market value of approximately $16,041,793,000) and has risen to the 12th place in the cryptocurrency market value rankings.

TON’s market value exceeds US$17.1 billion, currently ranking 12th

According to CoinGecko data, the market value of TON exceeds 17.1 billion US dollars, ranking 12th. Currently, its market value is higher than SHIB (over 16 billion US dollars) and lower than AVAX (over 20.6 billion US dollars).

A certain address bought LADYF at the opening and lost $495,000 after cutting the meat 7 hours later.

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, FY9A started buying 4.79 billion tokens (worth $543,000) at an average cost of $0.001115 per token with 2970 SOL three minutes after LADYF opened. Later, LADYF plummeted nearly 95%, dropping to $0.00005676. The address had to cut its losses and exit last night, losing 2809 SOL (worth $495,000).

TON breaks through $4.8 and hits record high

The market shows that TON has broken through $4.8, reaching a new historical high, currently priced at $4.82, with an intraday increase of 13.35%. The market is volatile, please be prepared for risk control.

Hack VC is raising at least $100 million for another fund

According to insiders, Hack VC is raising at least $100 million for another fund that will focus on seed-stage investments in crypto startups. Hack VC, based in New York, raised $150 million in funding last month and has already deployed one-third of it.