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Chiliz: Dragon8 hard fork is now live on Spicy testnet

Sports, and entertainment public chain Chiliz announced on social media that the Dragon8 hard fork has been launched on the Spicy testnet. Chiliz Chain CEO Alexandre Dreyfus stated that once testing is completed, a governance vote will be conducted to deploy the hard fork on the mainnet, which will have a significant impact on the CHZ token economics and network governance rules.

Chiliz multi-signature address transferred 60 million CHZ 30 minutes ago, equivalent to approximately US$4.35 million

According to Spot on Chain data monitoring, Chiliz multi-signature address just moved 60 million CHZ (4.35 million USD) to address 0x220 about 30 minutes ago. The address transferred 30 million CHZ (about 2.34 million USD) to the 0x220 address 7 days ago and quickly deposited the tokens into Binance through Wintermute Trading before the price drop on November 20. Currently, the Chiliz multi-signature address still holds 482.21 million CHZ (about 34.87 million USD).

Chiliz and Routescan team up to develop block explorer Chiliscan

Chiliz and multi-chain blockchain browser Routescan announced a strategic partnership to jointly launch Chiliscan, a custom block explorer for Chiliz Chain. Chiliscan was developed by the Avascan team and is a first-layer EVM-compatible blockchain focused on sports and entertainment.

User X: A new wallet withdrew CHZ worth $65.84 million from Binance

User tocuee monitoring social media X stated that a newly created wallet withdrew CHZ worth $65.84 million from Binance last night, and the tokens are currently still in this new address. The user claimed that a multi-signature wallet for Chilliz had tested transferring coins to this new address yesterday, with gas fees also likely being transferred to an official address for Chilliz. Additionally, the user found that Upbit also holds CHZ worth nearly $61 million. Withdrawal address: 0xcd38983905eb4a433fc44b3c90321522d8340bf2.

Wintermute Transfers 12 Million CHZ to Binance

According to data monitored by Scopescan, Wintermute transferred 12 million CHZ (763,000 US dollars) to Binance in the past 12 hours. These CHZ are part of the 57 million CHZ they received 14 hours ago from the Chiliz multi-signature wallet and cobo hosting wallet.

157,000,000 CHZ Transferred From Binance to Unknown Wallet

According to Whale Alert monitoring data, at 2:44 pm Beijing time today, 157,000,000 CHZ (worth about $10,002,860) was transferred from Binance to an unknown wallet.

Binance to Support Chiliz (CHZ) 2.0 Mainnet Integration and Exchange

According to an official announcement, Binance will support the integration and exchange of Chiliz (CHZ) 2.0 mainnet, including Chiliz (CHZ) tokens and all Chiliz fan tokens on Binance. Chiliz fan tokens will be exchanged from Chiliz Legacy Chain and BEP20 standard to CAP20 standard at a ratio of 1:1.

Chiliz Multisig Wallet Deposited 25 Million CHZ to Binance 17 Hours Ago

According to Lookonchain monitoring, the Chiliz multi-signature wallet deposited 25 million CHZ (1.53 million USD) into Binance 17 hours ago. Wintermute Trading also deposited 28 million CHZ (1.71 million USD) into Binance 10 hours ago.

CBI partners with Chiliz to develop immersive 3D platform for football fans

Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI) Corp has partnered with Chiliz to accelerate the development of AlphaVerse, an interactive 3D virtual world offering football-related experiences. The platform, called Football at AlphaVerse (FAV), will include an immersive AI-powered 3D interactive entertainment platform dedicated to football. The partnership will only focus on football and leverage official licenses granted by football clubs.

Chiliz Achieves Over Two Million Wallets, but CHZ's Price and Volume Remain Stagnant

Chiliz has hit a significant milestone with over two million wallets, but the CHZ volume has dropped to monthly lows while the market anticipates the next major move. Alexandre Dreyfus, the founder of the network, is proud of the wallet count and has high expectations for Chiliz 2.0. Despite the stagnant price action, on-chain data and bullish sentiment suggest potential for a pivot in the near future.