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SlowMist Yuxian: CEX users’ assets worth millions of dollars were stolen by malicious counter-trading again

SlowMist founder Yu Xian posted on X platform that another user's CEX account was maliciously hacked, resulting in the theft of millions of dollars in assets. The team is currently analyzing and following up on the incident.

Crypto researcher: The average FDV of newly listed projects on top CEXs in the past six months reached US$4.2 billion, and more than 80% continued to fall after listing

On May 19th, cryptocurrency researcher @tradetheflow_ posted on their social media platform that in the past six months, the average FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation) of new projects listed on top CEX (such as Binance) reached 4.2 billion US dollars, with some projects' FDV even exceeding 11 billion US dollars, yet over 80% of these projects continued to decline after listing. The researcher further pointed out that top CEXs use the inability of retail investors to obtain high-quality early investment opportunities, and their listing is only to provide exit liquidity for insiders.

CoinGecko: CEX spot trading volume reaches $4.29 trillion in Q1 2024

According to a report from CoinGecko on the cryptocurrency industry in the first quarter of 2024, the total market value of cryptocurrencies continued to rise by 65% and reached a high point of $2.9 trillion in March. As of April 2, the management assets (AUM) of the US spot Bitcoin ETF reached $55.1 billion. The spot trading volume of CEX reached $4.29 trillion, which is the highest quarterly trading volume of the top ten spot CEX since December 2021.

PancakeSwap V4 is expected to be launched in Q3 this year, aiming to make transactions cheaper and more efficient

According to Coindesk's report on March 13th, PancakeSwap developers announced that their V4 is expected to launch in Q3 this year. V4 will add four features to its automated market maker (AMM) to make on-chain transactions cheaper and more efficient for users. Chief developer Chef Mochi stated that V4 addresses current AMM shortcomings, including inflexible pricing models for all assets, lack of CEX-level execution capabilities, impermanent loss for liquidity providers, and expensive on-chain gas fees for users.

CEX daily trading volume rises to nearly $100 billion for first time since 2021

Daily trading volume of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (CEX) has risen to nearly 100 billion US dollars for the first time since 2021. On March 6th, the daily trading volume (7-day MA) of major centralized exchanges reached 97.4 billion US dollars, compared to only about 24 billion US dollars in early February. In addition, the monthly trading volume of CEX has been increasing in the past few months. In December 2023, the monthly trading volume of CEX broke through the 1 trillion US dollar mark for the first time since the end of 2022.

CEX Bitcoin futures open interest exceeds US$26 billion, continuing to hit record highs

According to Coinglass data, the open interest of Bitcoin futures on centralized exchanges has reached a new historical high, with a total value of over 26 billion US dollars, surpassing the peak of open interest in the last quarter of 2021, which was 24 billion US dollars. Data shows that the open interest of Bitcoin futures on exchanges such as Binance, OKX, and Deribit has reached a high of over 21 billion US dollars.

Cointime January 21 News Express

1.Morgan Stanley: The Fed is now expected to slow down the pace of balance sheet reduction starting in June2.Three addresses transfer UMA to CEX after UMA rises3.South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Authority issues tips to prevent the spread of cryptocurrency scams4.LBank will list AMB and open for trading at 16:00 on January 255.HashKey Exchange: Due to the system upgrade of our partner Standard Chartered Bank, the recharge will be delayed next Monday.6.Celestia ecological pledge project CelestLoan will launch its first round of token sales on January 307.Trezor: The third-party ticket portal was accessed without authorization, but user assets were not affected8.MagicSquare(SQR) will be listed on Gate at 6pm tomorrow night9.Revolut partner BSC-857 protocol platform has completed BSC-Web3 deployment10.Ondo Finance announces launch of first batch of Ondo points program

Three addresses transfer UMA to CEX after UMA rises

UMA project team announced the launch of a new product next week to recover tens of millions of dollars in losses caused by MEV in lending agreements. UMA rose 241% (from $1.97 to $6.73) as a result. Three addresses transferred UMA to CEX after the price increase and made a profit.

IntoTheBlock: Bitcoin has flowed into CEX for the sixth consecutive week. CEX has had a net inflow of nearly $2 billion in BTC since December last year.

According to IntoTheBlock data, Bitcoin has been flowing into CEX for the sixth consecutive week, with a net inflow of nearly 2 billion US dollars since December last year.

Spot trading volume on CEX is expected to surge by more than 83% QoQ in Q4 2023

CryptoRank, an encrypted data analysis platform, published an article on X platform stating that compared to Q3 2023, it is expected that the spot trading volume of centralized exchanges (CEX) in Q4 will increase by more than 83%. Despite the significant increase in trading volume, it is still nearly four times lower than the historical high in Q2 2021.