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Terra and Cardano among the top 10 ecosystems with the most “dead coins”

According to a recent report by AlphaQuest Research, the Terra and Cardano ecosystems are among the top 10 categories with the most dead coins, with 74% of projects in the Cardano ecosystem being "inactive". The report states that nearly 60% of inactive tokens will disappear between 2020 and 2023. After analyzing over 12,000 cryptocurrency projects, AlphaQuest reveals that most of these cryptocurrencies have either been delisted from CoinMarketCap, have low liquidity and trading volume, or have deactivated Twitter accounts and websites.

State of Cardano Q4 2023

Cardano (ADA) is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Layer-1 smart contract network launched in 2017. Cardano aims to provide security, scalability, and sustainability to decentralized applications and systems building on top of the blockchain. In addition to the community of developers, node operators, and projects, Cardano is supported by multiple entities: Input Output Global (IOG), dcSpark, MLabs, The Cardano Foundation, EMURGO, and more. They work together to support the network’s development, adoption, and finances while Cardano moves toward the age of Voltaire.
State of Cardano Q4 2023

Cardano ecological domain name project CNS launches Cardano Connect: CNS reward event

On January 27th, Cardano's ecosystem domain name project CNS announced the launch of the Cardano Connect:CNS reward activity. Users can receive rewards by completing tasks, including 1000 custom CNS domain names and up to 5 million CNS points. The activity will last until 9:00 pm on January 30th.

Cardano Foundation and Petrobras partner to launch Web3 education program

Cardano Foundation has announced a partnership with Brazilian national oil company Petrobras to launch a Web3 education program aimed at promoting understanding and application of blockchain (Web3) technology among Petrobras employees. It is reported that the Web3 education program will also integrate interactive quizzes and NFTs, and will hold two seminars in the metaverse to introduce blockchain technology and regulatory knowledge.

Intersect plans to move Cardano core codebase to its administration

Intersect, a member organization of the Cardano ecosystem, announced plans to migrate the Cardano core codebase to its management department. The team stated: "Intersect will support those who maintain the Intersect member Repos." On December 16th, management of all 26 Cardano code repositories will be transferred to Intersect and its members, further supporting and enhancing its distributed development, and enabling the community to drive the future direction of blockchain. This migration constitutes an important part of the "Voltaire" era that Cardano is currently undergoing.

The total value locked in the Cardano ecosystem reached $440 million, with a 24-hour increase of 11.77%

According to Defillama data, the total locked value of the Cardano ecosystem is currently $440.55 million, with a 24-hour increase of 11.77%, as reported by Jinse Finance.

Affected by the price increase of ADA, Cardano TVL increased by 55.42% monthly

According to DeFiLlama data on December 13th, Cardano network's TVL (total value locked) has increased by 55.42% in a month, reaching 468 million US dollars. It ranks 12th in the global TVL rankings and has the largest monthly increase among the top 35 networks.<br>However, it is worth noting that the native token of the network, ADA, has risen by about 60% in the past month, and the TVL priced in ADA has not changed significantly. Therefore, it is judged that the TVL increase is mainly caused by the rise in token prices.

Cardano Foundation launches open source wallet Identity Wallet

On December 11th, the Cardano Foundation announced the launch of an open source wallet, Identity Wallet, compatible with W3C.The Cardano Foundation stated that the wallet supports multiple identity and credential standards, can securely manage digital assets, seamlessly interact with DApps on Cardano, reduce the entry barriers for new users, provide cross-ecosystem interoperability, and integrate key event receipt infrastructure (KERI) to enhance interoperability.

Cardano ecological NFT pledge agreement The ADA: TADA token has not been launched yet, please do not participate in any transactions

The ADA, a decentralized and scalable NFT staking protocol within the Cardano ecosystem, has issued a reminder on X platform that TADA tokens cannot currently be traded on any platform. Please do not participate in any trading before the token is officially launched. Please follow official channels for accurate and up-to-date information.

Intersect will provide approximately $1.33 million in governance project grants to the Cardano community

On November 29th, Intersect, a member organization of the Cardano ecosystem, announced the establishment of a 2 million Australian dollar (approximately 1.329 million US dollars) fund to support projects that empower the community and promote active participation in Cardano's development. The team stated, "We plan to provide 100 grants to strengthen and expand community-led decision-making in Cardano. Applications for various grant categories are now open, with a focus on creating strong ways for the community to discuss projects for improving Cardano."