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OpenAI safety chief Jan Leikeresigns

Jan Leike, the security director of OpenAI, announced on social media that he is leaving OpenAI. This is another executive resignation following the resignation of Ilya Sutskever, co-founder and chief scientist of OpenAI, on Wednesday this week.

USA to forge AI partnership with Nigeria for economic growth

The partnership aims to strengthen economic ties and ensure that AI deployment is safe, secure, transparent, and trustworthy.
USA to forge AI partnership with Nigeria for economic growth

The fourth largest wallet in AI holdings has withdrawn 5.63 million AI from Binance through a new wallet in the past 30 hours

According to Spot on Chain monitoring, the AI wallet 0x788, ranked fourth in terms of holdings, withdrew 5.63 million AI tokens (worth $5.17 million) from Binance through the new wallet 0xc37 in the past 30 hours. It is worth noting that wallet 0x78d also received 11.25 million AI tokens from a so-called project wallet in March and April 2024, and now holds a total of 16.87 million AI tokens (worth $15.9 million).

KIP Protocol officially announced its cooperation with Open Campus to promote the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence in the education industry

KIP Protocol, a decentralized protocol focused on AI, has announced an official partnership with the education platform Open Campus. The two parties will explore the application of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence in the education field to simplify the dissemination of educational content and monetize digital intellectual property.The key focus of this collaboration includes creating custom AI-driven educational content using KIP Protocol, establishing AI-driven Open Campus university infrastructure, monetizing intellectual property in educational spaces, and attracting early users through AMA and joint activities to build an active community around this innovative education model. The two parties will gradually launch more product details in the coming weeks.KIP Protocol is a decentralized protocol for AI app developers, model makers, and data owners, allowing AI creators to securely transact and monetize profits in Web3. KIP Genesis NFT is about to go live, and users can currently participate in the KIP Airdrop Quest activity on Galxe and TaskOn platforms to earn points and win Free Mint qualifications.

Xiao Feng: The end of AI and blockchain is computing power, and the combination of the three is a complete topic

On April 6th, Wanxiang Blockchain Chairman and HashKey Group Chairman and CEO Xiao Feng said at the 2024 Hong Kong Web3 Carnival that AI is a revolution of productivity, and blockchain is a revolution of production relations. The end of AI is computing power, and the end of blockchain is also computing power. Only when the three are combined can it be a complete topic. Blockchain, as a network that can be massively collaborated by strangers, can be used to solve the talent needs of Hong Kong's large models, allowing talents from all over the world to contribute to Hong Kong's large models.

UtilityNet launches node deployment feature and open-sources testnet code

UtilityNet, a newcomer in the AI+DePIN field, announced the launch of its node deployment function and the completion of its test network code on GitHub. UtilityNet is a decentralized digital chip network dedicated to providing powerful chip resources for the computing needs of the next generation of edge computing and AI infrastructure.

The Safe Case: How AI and Smart Accounts will Revolutionize Crypto

Web3’s first billion users may not only be humans, but AI agents, signalling a nascent but growing "agent economy"—an onchain economy run solely by AI agents that is turning the crypto-AI dream team into a reality.
The Safe Case: How AI and Smart Accounts will Revolutionize Crypto

AI-powered game brings ‘Waifus’ to life with plans for AR/VR experience

Loneliness is a growing economy, and this Web3 game aims to introduce AI-powered digital companions to stabilize it.
AI-powered game brings ‘Waifus’ to life with plans for AR/VR experience

A certain whale has transferred a total of 250,000 RNDR to Binance in the past 12 hours, equivalent to approximately US$3.05 million.

On March 10th, in the past 12 hours, the whale address starting with 0x551 has cumulatively deposited 250,000 RNDR coins worth $3.05 million into Binance. If all sold, it would earn a profit of $1.07 million. The whale still holds 500,000 tokens, and due to the general rise in the AI sector, the remaining floating profit has expanded to $2.14 million.

Tokens in the AI ​​sector generally rose, with WLD, ARKM, RNDR and FET all hitting record highs

According to market data on March 10th, AI token prices have risen in general. Among them: