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$2,862.39 24H Price $3,298.99

ETH Price Live Data

Ethereum today's live price is $3,034.95 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $31,852,719,984 USD. Ethereum has dropped by 6.19% in the last 24 hours. The current ranking is #2, with a live market cap of $364,402,662,655 USD, and a circulating supply of 120,068,406 ETH coins.

Market Cap
Volume (24h)
Circulating Supply
120,068,406 ETH
Fully Diluted Market Cap
$ 364,402,662,655


A giant whale sold 5,000 ETH in two hours and made a profit of US$110,000.

According to blockchain data analyst @ai_9684xtpa, the 100% win rate ETH whale has bought 11,173 ETH in the afternoon since November, and sold 5,000 ETH within two hours, with an average selling price of $2,402 ($2,380 cost) and a profit of $110,000.

ETH breaks through $2,400

OKX-ETH/USDT is currently trading at $2399.78, with a 24-hour increase of 4.99%.

A "smart money" address bought 9,168 ETH at an average price of $2,380.

Lookonchain has monitored that a "smart money" address is buying ETH. So far, the address has spent 21.82 million DAI at an average price of $2380 to buy 9168 ETH.

ETH breaks through $2,300

The market showed ETH breaking through $2,300, currently trading at $2,300.13 with a daily increase of 2.51%. The market is volatile, please manage your risks.

Top Analyst Warns of Possible Correction for Bitcoin and Ethereum

According to a popular crypto strategist, Bitcoin and Ethereum may be heading towards a significant correction. The strategist, who uses the Elliott Wave theory to predict future price action, believes that both cryptocurrencies are currently in the midst of an ABC corrective pattern. The analyst suggests that BTC and ETH may be positioning for the last leg down of the pattern, and shares a chart showing BTC potentially pulling back to $39,000 and ETH dropping to $2,000. The strategist advises caution and recommends monitoring the situation over the next few weeks.

ETH breaks through $2,300

The market shows ETH breaking through $2,300, currently reporting at $2,300.43, with a daily increase of 0.34%. The market is volatile, so please take caution and manage risks.

The single price of Ethereum's inscription token eths exceeded $16,000, rising by more than 27% in 24 hours.

On December 24th, EtchMarket data shows that the price of a single Ethereum NFT token, eths, has risen to $16,575, an increase of over 27% in 24 hours. It is reported that eths is the first text token issued based on the Ethereum NFT protocol, Ethscriptions.

Long-term ETH holders account for more than 70% of the currency holdings

According to IntoTheBlock data, the percentage of ETH held by long-term holders exceeded 70% in December, reaching a new high.

A whale deposited 5,975 ETH, equivalent to approximately US$13.9 million, into Blast 1 hour ago

According to Spot On Chain monitoring on December 24th, a whale address starting with 0xc3b deposited 5,975 ETH (worth $13.9 million) into Blast about an hour ago, becoming the fifth largest depositor.<br>· A total of 381,000 ETH ($879 million) has been deposited into Blast and will be locked until February 24, 2024<br>· About 129,500 ETH ($300 million) came from the top 20 users, accounting for 34% of the total deposits.

Ethereum’s market value will grow by 85% in 2023, slightly less than other major assets

According to IntoTheBlock data, on December 24th, Ethereum's market value is expected to grow by about 85% in 2023. Despite upgrades, various ETF applications (already submitted), and strong adoption indicators, its performance is still slightly inferior to other major assets.

A pre-mine address containing 11,640 ETH was activated after being dormant for 8.4 years.

Whale Alert monitored that at 12:44:35 Beijing time, a pre-mine address containing 11,640 ETH ($26,489,720) was activated after being dormant for 8.4 years.

A whale is suspected of conducting short-selling operations of $48 million in ETH through on-chain mortgages.

On December 22nd, Arkham monitoring showed that an address starting with 0x454 had collateralized about $80 million worth of WBTC on Aave, and borrowed around $48 million worth of ETH. Subsequently, these ETH were sent to Coinbase, suspected to be sold, and the whale may be shorting ETH.

A whale pledged WBTC to lend out $48 million in ETH and transferred the latter to Coinbase

According to data agency Arkham, on December 22nd, a new address starting with 0x454 borrowed 48 million USD worth of ETH on Aave by pledging 80 million USD worth of WBTC, and transferred the ETH to Coinbase. The address received the funds three days ago and made the transaction when the ETH to BTC exchange rate hit a new low.

The tentative date for the activation of the Cancun/Deneb upgrade on the Ethereum Goerli, Sepolia, and Holesky testnets has been determined

Christine Kim, the Vice President of Galaxy Research, summarized the 177th Ethereum Core Developer Execution Layer Meeting (ACDE). This week, developers set a tentative date to activate the Cancun/Deneb upgrade on all three public Ethereum test networks.The test network upgrade schedule is as follows: Goerli fork on January 17, 2023, Sepolia fork on January 31, 2023, and Holesky fork on February 7, 2023.These dates may change as developers may need to update them in the coming weeks due to unexpected errors and issues with client releases.Developers also discussed the performance of the second Goerli shadow fork, the precompiled address range for Layer 2, and expectations for the Prague/Electra upgrade. The meeting also confirmed that the next ACDE meeting will be held on January 4th.

ETH breaks through $2,300

The market shows ETH has broken through $2300 and is currently trading at $2300.26, with a daily increase of 3.84%. The market is volatile, so please take caution and manage your risks.

12,800 ETH transferred to Beacon Depositor contract

According to Whale Alert monitoring, 12,800 ETH (approximately $29,230,271) was transferred from an unknown wallet to the Beacon Depositor Contract.

20,000 ETH were transferred from Bybit to an unknown wallet

According to Whale Alert monitoring, 20,000 ETH (approximately $44,184,202) was transferred from Bybit to an unknown wallet.

Lido's Dominance in Ethereum Validator Space Poses Security Risk, Decentralized Validator Technology Gains Traction

The concentration of power among a small group of validators, including Lido, on the Ethereum network is a significant security risk. Lido controls a large portion of staked ETH, and if this share increases, it could lead to network outages or malicious activity. Decentralized validator technology (DVT) aims to address this vulnerability by spreading operations across multiple parties. Lido is testing a "Simple DVT Module" in partnership with Obol and SSV, and while larger institutions may take time to adopt DVT, hobbyist solo-stakers and community-run collectives are expected to embrace the technology soon.

16,123 ETH transferred from unknown wallet to Coinbase

According to Whale Alert monitoring, 16,123 ETH (worth about $35,685,329) was transferred from an unknown wallet to Coinbase.

Release Blockhash Opcode Restrictions with zk-SNARKs for Optimistic Bridges

This post is a proposed solution to release the restrictions that exist in Ethereum opcode by using zk-SNARKs. Furthermore, I hope to use this idea to solve the challenges of the optimistic bridges.

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