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StarkWare Exploration Team is Collaborating with Giza to Create New AI Project

Starknet announced on X platform that the StarkWare exploration team is collaborating with Giza to create a new artificial intelligence project, which will be announced at the Starknet event in Berlin on April 23rd. It is reported that Giza is an operational AI project for DApps.

StarkWare Product Manager: Starknet plans to introduce parallelization in the next upgrade, and TPS is expected to increase 3-10 times

Louis Guthmann, the head of product and market strategy at StarkWare, stated in a post on the X platform that Starknet will introduce parallelization in the next upgrade. By adding the Block-STM (a parallel execution engine already adopted by Aptos) to the sorter, network performance is expected to increase from 100 TPS to 300-1000 TPS, meaning an increase of 3-10 times.

Starkware Lianchuang responded to the STRK unlocking controversy: The team will focus on promoting network development for a long time, and delaying the lock-up period is not the right approach.

Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder and CEO of Starkware, emphasized the roadmap of Starknet and explained why he believes that the release of a large number of investor and early contributor shares during the initial release of STRK will not harm the community in an interview with Decrypt. Ben-Sasson stated that the structure of the Starknet airdrop is indeed different from the traditional model, and the team has a slightly different view on things, believing it to be an advantage rather than a disadvantage for Starkware. The team believes that what users care about is whether developers will still be on the Starknet network in the Starkware or Starknet ecosystem and whether they will continue to drive network development in three months or a year. He can guarantee that Starkware's 150 employees and its expanding team are solely focused on driving Starknet development. To do this, Eli turned down a very attractive academic position. As for concerns that investors may rush to sell STRK tokens in April, thereby affecting the price of STRK, Ben-Sasson emphasized that extending the token lock-up period cannot prevent this from happening, and this concern may also occur a year later. Starkware made this decision because they believed that these people received the rewards they deserved for their contributions, and there was no improper use of the airdrop structure by individuals or teams. Unnecessary delay in the lock-up period is not the right approach when focusing on long-term development.

StarkWare releases STRK inflation model proposal, which will affect STRK’s total token limit

StarkWare has released a proposal for the STRK inflation model, with the inflation formula being M=0.4 *√ S, where S represents the token staking rate. This means that the maximum annual inflation rate is 4%. The inflation model aims to reward equity holders for their contributions to the network and manage the inflation expectations of STRK by setting an upper limit on inflation to maintain moderate inflation. In addition, there are currently 10 billion STRK on Starknet, and if the proposal is implemented, the upper limit will be raised.

StarkWare CEO resigns, president will take over

Uri Kolodny, CEO and co-founder of StarkWare, has announced his resignation but will still serve as a board member of StarkWare and the Starknet Foundation. Eli Ben-Sasson, co-founder and president of StarkWare, will take over as CEO. Uri Kolodny said he will not be active on social media in the future and will focus his attention elsewhere.

From Milestones to Masterstrokes: StarkWare’s Year in Review

STARK-tech as the secret sauce that helps dApps scale and thrive on Ethereum – today and tomorrow.
From Milestones to Masterstrokes: StarkWare’s Year in Review