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A certain giant deposited 519 billion PEPE to Binance two hours ago

According to Spot On Chain monitoring, a whale deposited 5.19 billion PEPE coins worth about $5.11 million, or a loss of $207,000 (-3.9%), into Binance two hours ago. The whale accumulated these PEPE tokens before the end of May and could have made a profit of $3.47 million if sold at the previous high point.

A certain address cleared PEPE worth $3.79 million

Address 0x06b cleared out 339 billion PEPE tokens worth $3.79 million two hours ago, resulting in a potential loss of $194,000 if sold completely. The address had bought the tokens at a cost of $0.00001192 during the PEPE market correction on June 25th and had seen a maximum profit of $720,000 in the past five days. However, the owner did not choose to sell at the peak and had to cut their losses early this morning.

A PEPE trader sold 114.7 billion PEPE to protect his capital

According to Lookonchain monitoring, a certain PEPE trader panicked and sold 114.7 billion PEPE at a price of 366.5 ETH ($1.27 million) to reach the breakeven point.

The address starting with 0xf22 transferred 357.2 billion PEPE to Binance at a loss price

According to blockchain data analyst @ai_9684xtpa, a total of 357.2 billion PEPE tokens with an address starting with 0xf22 were transferred to Binance at a loss.

A whale withdrew $2.89 million of PEPE from Kraken 6 hours ago

Blockchain analyst Yu Jin reported that a whale transferred 700 ETH to Kraken six hours ago, and then withdrew 231.6 billion PEPE (2.89 million USD) from Kraken half an hour later.

Nascent withdrew 447.67 billion PEPE from Binance 6 hours ago, accounting for the largest proportion in its investment portfolio

Spot On Chain reported that six hours ago, Nascent withdrew 44.767 billion PEPE coins (worth $5.48 million) from Binance, currently with a profit of $262,000 (+4.8%). Currently, PEPE ranks first in the investment portfolio of the venture capital firm, followed by MKR, with a total profit of $2.45 million (+248%).

A whale has transferred 149.9 billion PEPE from Binance again, worth $2.3 million

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, PEPE has had a 100% success rate in the past three months in terms of wave trading. A whale seems to have started building positions again in the past 18 hours. They have transferred a total of 149.9 billion PEPE from Binance, worth $2.3 million, with an average transfer price of $0.00001537 per token. It is unclear whether this is a new wave or a continuation of the previous one, as the last suspected liquidation was too recent. Further observation is needed.

A smart money transferred 22.5 billion PEPE from Binance five minutes ago

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, clever money transferred 22.5 billion PEPE tokens worth $350,000 from Binance five minutes ago.

The whale with a 100% winning rate in the past three months deposited 217 billion PEPE into Binance five minutes ago, worth $3.39 million

According to the blockchain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, in the past three months, the PEPE band has a 100% win rate. A whale just deposited 217 billion PEPE into Binance five minutes ago, worth $3.39 million, and transferred it out at a price of $0.00001564. If all sold, it would earn $420,000 (the average position price is $0.000137), and the remaining 40.4 billion PEPE still has a floating profit of $78,000.

A new address transferred 252.4 billion PEPE from OKX 7 hours ago

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, as reported by Jinse Finance, the new address 0x112...6d682 transferred 252.4 billion PEPE tokens worth $3.85 million at an average price of $0.00001524 from OKX seven hours ago.