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Multichain hacker has deposited 100 ETH to

Cyvers Alerts posted on social media X that the Multichain (formerly Anyswap) hacker has deposited 100 ETH ($297,200) into The attacker still holds $1.12 million worth of DAI.

Dmail releases the latest version roadmap and plans to launch the mainnet in mid-24

According to official sources, Web3 multi-chain infrastructure Dmail has released a roadmap from Q4 2023 to Q3 2025, which includes plans to release a technical whitepaper and economic model before the end of Q1 2024; launch the mainnet and open NFT domain trading in mid-2024; and provide updates on projects such as Mail2Earn before 2025.

Multi-chain DeFi aggregator Furucombo has launched a new version

On November 6th, Furucombo, a multi-chain DeFi aggregator, has launched a new version. This version now fully supports the creation and lending pages with Radiant Capital on Ethereum. Users can access all features, including flash loans, deposits, withdrawals, borrowing, and repayment.

Multichain stops again two hours after restarting transactions

The cross-chain protocol Multichain resumed processing transactions, and a user successfully extracted WBTC worth nearly $1 million from Fantom to Ethereum. This is the first transaction in 117 days, and the user subsequently extracted a large amount of Wrapped Ether and USDT tokens. However, two hours later, Multichain stopped processing transactions again. According to DefiLlama's data, Multichain still holds over $123 million worth of encrypted deposits.