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Tron’s Justin Sun Was Secret Top Client of Crypto Asset Manager Valkyrie

Tron founder Justin Sun is one of the richest figures in crypto, and a good chunk of his bitcoin (BTC) is stored in one place: U.S.-based Valkyrie Investments.

Tron Founder Justin Sun Withdraws 100M BUSD From Binance, FUD Ending?

Tron founder Justin Sun on Wednesday withdrew 100 million BUSD stablecoins from crypto exchange Binance. The 100 million BUSD withdrawn was then moved to the Paxos Treasury. Binance CEO CZ on Tuesday pointed out that 100 million USDC transferred by Justin Sun to Binance is part of deploying BUSD on Tron through cross-chain swaps.

Binance CEO Addresses USDC Outflows: ‘Feel Free To Withdraw Any Other Stablecoin’

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stepped in to reassure clients after the world's biggest crypto exchange experienced more than a billion dollars of outflows.

Justin Sun Looks To Calm Crypto Market Fear As BNB Falls 8%, Withdrawals Continue on Binance

A general sense of unease about the health of Binance continued through the market during the Asian trading hours on Tuesday.

Tron’s Justin Sun ‘Deploys More Capital’ After USDD Depegs to $0.97

Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, has pledged to deploy more capital to stabilise the algorithmic stablecoin USDD after it lost its $1 peg.
Tron’s Justin Sun ‘Deploys More Capital’ After USDD Depegs to $0.97

TRON Hits $1B Stablecoin Inflow Amid Plunging Volumes and Potential Recovery

Decentralized platform TRON [TRX] registered an inflow of $1 billion USDT over the last two weeks. According to a disclosure from DeFi Llama, TRON recorded the highest stablecoin inflow on 18 November, with spikes on 24 and 28 November.

CeFi Must Adopt DeFi’s Transparency Following FTX Collapse, Justin Sun Says

Centralized exchanges (CEX) must adopt transparency measures prevalent in <a href="">decentralized finance (DeFi)</a> to restore public trust, <a href="">Tron founder Justin Sun</a> said in a panel discussion at the Philippine Blockchain Week event on Tuesday.&nbsp;

Ethereum’s Price Shaken by Joke About WETH Depegging

A joke about Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) depegging has briefly shaken the price of Ethereum and could catalyse a drop by ETH to the $1k support level.
Ethereum’s Price Shaken by Joke About WETH Depegging

Crypto Market Tumbles As Vitalik Buterin, Justin Sun Join WETH Insolvency Joke

Tron founder Justin Sun on Monday said he and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin will invest $2 billion into the WEF to recover the funds lost as wrapped Ethereum depegs with Ethereum. However, not many people realized that it is part of a joke about WETH going insolvent. Big names including Vitalik contributing to it caused a market-wide selloff in the crypto market.

TRON’s Latest Announcement Leads to an Uptick, but Weighted Sentiment Remained Negative

Justin Sun, in a tweet posted on 25 November, announced that <a href="">TRON [TRX]</a> will collaborate with BNB soon. In lieu of this, TRON’s social mentions witnessed a massive uptick.