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Justin Sun once again deposited 100 million USDT to Binance in the past 2 hours

Lookonchain monitoring shows that Justin Sun has once again deposited 100 million USDT into Binance within the past 2 hours. From February 12th to February 24th, a wallet suspected to belong to Justin Sun purchased 168,369 ETH at a price of $2,894, with an unrealized profit of approximately $95 million.

Justin Sun announces his HTX account balance, which is approximately US$1.624 billion

On February 27th, it was reported that Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and a member of the HTX Global Advisory Committee, disclosed his HTX account balance on social media. According to the screenshot, the asset value is 28,613.73 BTC, which is about 1.624 billion US dollars.

Suspected Justin Sun address purchased more than 150,000 ETH in 12 days, worth US$430 million

Lookonchain monitoring data shows that 10 minutes ago, a wallet suspected to belong to Sun Yuchen purchased 18,616 ETH (worth $54.57 million) from Binance again. This wallet has purchased 151,196 ETH worth $435.3 million from Binance and DEX at a cost of $2,879 in less than 12 days.

Suspected Justin Sun address transferred 90 million USDT to Binance

According to Lookonchain monitoring, a wallet address suspected to be related to Justin Sun has just transferred 90 million USDT to Binance.

Justin Sun restarts TRON foundation before trial in US court

On January 16th, according to documents from the Southern District Court of New York, Sun Yuchen's legal team postponed the upcoming fraud and market manipulation trial (the third postponement so far) and restored the previously dissolved Singapore TRON Foundation. The initial lawsuit filed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in March of last year alleged that DeAndre Cortez Way (also known as SouljaBoy), Austin Mahone, and Sun Yuchen may have manipulated TRON and BTT tokens. Cortez Way defaulted, Mahone reached a settlement in August 2023. Sun Yuchen did not respond until a week after the absent judgment against Mahone, admitting that he would fight against the SEC.

Justin Sun: Will go all out to create a better financial order

According to official sources, on December 21st, Sun Yuchen, the founder of TRON and a member of the global advisory committee of Huobi HTX, expressed through his personal social media account that he has been in business for ten years and knows the heavy responsibility on his shoulders. He will do his best to do his job well. Sun Yuchen also stated that he no longer feels unfair or unjust about negative media coverage, but only cares about whether the assets of Huobi HTX users are 100% safe and whether the transfer services of two billion TRON users are smooth, decentralized and secure enough. He also stated that he promised people to create a better financial order through blockchain technology and cannot disappoint everyone. However, this goal requires satisfaction from regulation, users, and society, and more time to do more things. Regarding recent industry regulatory issues, he also stated that decentralization and compliance are the general trend, and he will do his best to do his job well.

Justin Sun once again transferred 77 billion SHIB from Binance, worth $810,000

According to on-chain analyst @ai_9684xtpa, two minutes ago, Sun Yuchen once again transferred 77 billion SHIB from Binance, worth $810,000. As of now, Brother Sun has transferred a total of 577 billion SHIB (worth $6.06 million) from Binance.

Justin Sun transferred 1,600 ETH to the multi-signature wallet 5 minutes ago

According to AI monitoring by ai_9684xtpa,  five minutes ago, Sun Yuchen transferred 1,600 ETH worth $3.78 million to the multi-signature wallet 0x290...e715a. 11 hours ago, Sun Yuchen also transferred the same amount to the same address. After receiving the tokens, the address has gradually recharged ETH into multiple exchanges such as Binance and Kraken through the intermediary address 0x8fC...990b8.

Paidun: Justin Sun withdrew 22 million USDT from JustLendDAO

On December 4th, Paishield monitoring shows that Justin Sun's related address TT2T17...9N has withdrawn 22 million USDT from JustLendDAO and transferred 21.7 million USDT, 6 million TRX (about 629,000 USD), 3.65 million USDD, 244 billion BTT (about 1.2 million USD), and 1.3 billion WIN (about 1 million USD) to another address labeled Justin Sun.

TRON spokesperson: It is completely wrong to believe that Tron or Ethereum has control over entities using corresponding technologies.

According to a TRON spokesperson regarding Circle-related reports, "We have no comment on these issues involving unrelated third-party behavior. Like all public blockchains, the TRON blockchain is a technology. Any technology can theoretically be used for suspicious activities. For example, the US dollar, as a legal currency, is often used for money laundering. Therefore, it is completely wrong to assume that TRON or Ethereum have control over entities using the corresponding technology."