PeckShield: Address 0x2175…f7D9 Was Defrauded of 4.46 Million USDT

According to PeckShield monitoring, address 0x2175...f7D9 was defrauded of 4.46 million USDT. Victim address: 0x2175c0082d052872501f7fe54e1aC59858aaf7D9; scammer address: 0xAbb07822F471773Ff00b9444308ceEB7cf0dACa7.

Glassnode: USDT Trading Platform Outflow Hits 8-Month Low

On September 9th, the outflow of USDT trading platforms (7-day moving average) reached 18.06 million coins, hitting a new low in 8 months.

A Giant Whale Deposits 36 Million USDT to Binance and Transfers 9819 ETH

According to Lookonchain monitoring, a certain whale deposited 36 million USDT into Binance and then transferred out 9,819 ETH worth 15.9 million US dollars.

A Certain Whale Transferred 36 Million USDT to Binance

September 5th, according to on-chain information, a whale starting with 0xB154 transferred 36 million USDT to Binance 7 minutes ago.

0x362 the Giant Whale Is Suspected of Doing More ETH Through Revolving Loans

September 4th, @EmberCN reported that a whale with an address starting with 0x362 exchanged 11,200 ETH (approximately $18.36 million) for 9839 wstETH, then mortgaged the wstETH to borrow 10 million USDT. They then used the 10 million USDT to purchase 6081 stETH at an average price of $1644.

5 Days Ago, the Address Starting With 0x8b9 To Do Long ETH With Leverage Continues To Do Long ETH With Leverage

According to Chainalysis by Yu Jin, 5 days ago, leveraged long ETH was done through an address starting with 0x8b9. 40 minutes ago, leveraged long ETH was continued through another address (starting with 0x362): 11,200 ETH ($18.36 million) was exchanged for 9,839 wstETH, which was then mortgaged to borrow 10 million USDT. The 10 million USDT was used to buy 6,081 stETH at an average price of $1,644.

Data: A Giant Whale Used Leverage To Do Long ETH 3 Hours Ago

Data analyst Yu Jin reported that a whale used leverage to go long on ETH about 3 hours ago: the whale first exchanged 11,000 ETH ($18.18 million) for 9,671 wstETH, then used the wstETH as collateral to borrow 5.5 million USDT + 170 WBTC ($4.44 million). The borrowed USDT and WBTC were then used to buy 5,256 wstETH ($9.9 million). Currently, the whale holds 14,948 wstETH ($28.12 million, 17,014 ETH), with the liquidation price of the ETH collateral being $800. In addition, the whale was also one of the drivers behind the LINK price increase on July 20th.

Bitrace: In 2022, more than 14.6 billion black-related USDT related to Southeast Asia will flow into the trading platform

On August 28th, according to DeTrust, a risk data platform under Bitrace, more than 115 billion USDT flowed into some Southeast Asian-related platform addresses in 2022, including 37.16 billion gambling funds and 69.78 billion money laundering funds. There were less than 460 million USDT involved in fraudulent USDT. In the same year, there were also more than 14.64 billion USDT involved in black USDT, which directly or indirectly flowed into centralized trading platforms from known Southeast Asian entity-related addresses. This includes 7.71 billion USDT in gambling funds, 4.86 billion USDT in money laundering funds, 1.88 billion USDT in other illegal activity funds, and a small amount of fraudulent funds of 190 million USDT.

Data: The 1inch Team Purchased About 6088 ETH at an Average Price of $1655

The 1inch team address (tag: 1inch: Team Investment Fund Collection) purchased 6,087.7 ETH using 10 million USDT and 70,000 USDC (a total of 10.07 million USD) 5 hours ago at an average price of 1655 USD, as monitored by on-chain analyst Yu Jin.

AMB Rose by More Than 66% in 24H, Breaking Through 0.012 USDT at One Point This Morning

Market shows that AMB rose to 0.01244 USDT this morning and is now reported at 0.01083 USDT, with a 24-hour increase of 66.36%.