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Exclusive interview with Web3 digital asset management platform L7: Analysis of L7 ecosystem

Cointime Official

L7 is a Web3 digital asset management platform dedicated to providing digital asset investment and allocation services to global investors. Based on its rich industry resources and extensive contacts, it provides diversified investment and investment services including digital asset venture capital, start-up project incubation, and financial management. solution.

On November 9, at the 「TimeStamp·Investor Night」 event in Istanbul, Cointime interviewed James, CEO of Web3 digital asset management platform L7, to discuss L7's development vision and let us learn more about L7's product positioning. In addition, through this dialogue, we have a good understanding of L7’s development strategy and ecological development layout.

1. Can you please provide a brief self-introduction and explain what L7 is?

Hello everyone! I'm James, the CEO of L7. Previously, I held positions at ByBit and Double Protocol, contributing to strategy deployment and direction control at ByBit and overseeing the execution of over 200 strategic cooperation programs. I successfully promoted several rounds of multi-million dollar asset financing in the industry. At L7, I am responsible for controlling the overall progress of the project and promoting the strategic planning and deployment. Today, I'll be addressing some common questions about L7.

L7 is a Web3 digital asset management platform, committed to providing global investors with digital asset investment and allocation services. Leveraging extensive industry resources and a wide network, L7 offers diversified investment and solution options, including digital assets venture capital, incubation of startup projects, and financial management.

Operated by a seasoned team, L7 focuses on core businesses such as digital asset trading, investment, consumption, finance, and payments. With a presence in over 80 countries and regions worldwide, L7 engages in extensive collaborations and investments. Driven by innovation, continuously expands its horizons and actively positions itself within the global blockchain ecosystem.

2. What are L7's main products and how is the business developing?

In general, L7's business is quite extensive, and it progresses in different stages. In the early stages of development, L7 issued NFTs and initiated the expansion of a global community. The current community spans over 80 countries, with a user base exceeding 100,000. This groundwork has paved the way for the application and rights of NFTs within the L7 ecosystem. Subsequently, L7 launched the L7 DEX and L7 CEX contract platforms, introducing contract trading products and initiating comprehensive branding for the L7 brand.

During this period, L7 initiated the co-building of liquidity pools. As of today, the liquidity pool has exceeded $13 million. These achievements are a testament to the strong community support, and it is estimated that by the end of this year or the first half of the next year, the liquidity pool will reach hundreds of millions.

In the second stage, the L7 platform will launch IEO based on the platform token LSD, continuously exploring high-quality Web3 innovative projects. L7 provides strategic funding, brand support, community support, and more, establishing trading pairs between project tokens and LSD, and launching liquidity mining products to help start-up projects quickly gain traction.

In the third stage, L7 will initiate investment operation. The investment scope includes high-quality Web3 innovative projects, L7's ecosystem projects, etc. L7 will collaborate deeply with 500-1000 high-quality projects, gradually realizing the assetization process of the platform token.

3. What features are associated with the NFTs issued by the L7 platform?

NFTs play a significant role in the entire ecosystem of L7. In the early stages, the global community of L7 needed NFTs to acquire rights and identities. Simultaneously, NFTs within the L7 ecosystem have practical applications. For instance, NFTs on L7DEX can function as Passcards to reduce transaction fees. NFTs serve as essential credentials for participating in various liquidity mining products, showcasing their scarcity.

Additionally, holding NFTs allows users to enjoy increased shares in co-investing with high-quality tier-one projects. Currently, L7 has strategically invested in Wonderfulday and plans to launch co-branded NFTs, collectively promoting the development of the L7 ecosystem. Recently, L7's NFTs were just launched on the OKX NFT platform, and there are associated activities, so everyone can stay tuned for updates!

4. So, how to obtain L7's NFT?

There are three ways to obtain L7's NFTs. Firstly, you can mint them on L7's official website using USDT, but please be aware that the minting window is in the counting down to closure. Secondly, you can freely buy and sell them on the OKX NFT platform. Thirdly, you can engage in transactions by connecting with L7's community and global users.

5. Has L7 issued a token? What are the functions of the token?

Yes, L7 has issued the platform token named LSD, with a total supply of 210 million. LSD is the cornerstone token in the development of the L7 ecosystem and will primarily serve for governance and various rights distributions. In its initial stages, LSD will be generated primarily through mining and various community incentive activities, ensuring that users with different contribution levels can fairly obtain incentives and actively participate in project development.

Presently, LSD has been listed on exchanges such as HTX, MEXC, Gate, and Bitget, with plans for gradually listings on some of the world's most mainstream exchanges.

L7's token LSD possesses both value and utility attributes. The value attribute is evident in the growing liquidity pool of L7, where the deepening pool strengthens the asset attributes. As the L7 platform develops, future strategic investments will be based on LSD. The utility attribute is demonstrated within the L7 ecosystem, allowing users to employ LSD for matching with other tokens in liquidity mining, earning rewards in new tokens. Additionally, L7 will integrate online and offline consumption and payment scenarios, enabling users to directly use LSD for transactions at businesses within the L7 ecosystem.

6. With L7's business prospects expanding so significantly, what ecosystem applications are available?

Regarding the ecosystem applications of L7, I'll provide a brief summary:

· Investment Sector:

L7 plans to invest in multiple high-quality Web3 projects, utilizing LSD as a core asset. This involves incubating projects and collaborating on joint mining, IEOs, and other partnerships.

· Consumption Sector:

Leveraging robust global consensus and liquidity, L7 is constructing an all-encompassing consumption scenario covering real estate, tourism, medical aesthetics, luxury goods, and cross-border e-commerce. Several countries and regions, including Dubai, have achieved seamless connectivity and unified consumption across multiple scenes.

· Finance Sector:

The L7 ecosystem will launch cryptocurrency wealth management products, lending services, and introduce digital asset cards. This facilitates easy global transactions and payments for users through the medium of digital asset cards.

· Payment Sector:

L7's digital asset card business is currently in the integration phase and will be presented in a physical card + virtual card format. The digital asset card will establish a global network of OTC merchants, initially supporting fiat transactions in 53 countries. Users can easily purchase cryptocurrencies with one click, bind Google Pay and Apple Pay for seamless transactions, and enjoy features such as in-store shopping, online payments, and ATM withdrawals.

· Trading Sector:

Within the L7 ecosystem, there are two major contract trading platforms: L7DEX and L7CEX, supporting spot and contract trading. Additionally, the ecosystem will initiate the trading of financial derivatives. The range of trading products aims to fully meet market and user needs, contributing to the overall development of the L7 ecosystem.

These are some of the aspects of the L7 project I wanted to address today due to the limited interview context. For those who wish to delve deeper, you can follow L7's official social media channels ( for the latest activities and updates.

Thank you, everyone! Wishing continuous growth for the industry, and may everyone reap rewards in the next bull market!


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