StanChart to Tokenize Trade Finance Assets in Singapore Trials

Today the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) shared the results of its first Project Guardian pilots that explore DeFi and tokenization. And it announced two more pilots, for trade finance and wealth management.Standard Chartered is leading a project to explore the tokenization of trade finance assets.

“Digital assets are here to stay, and we see its potential to play a greater role in supporting the real economy,” said Kai Fehr, Global Head of Trade & Working Capital at Standard Chartered.By transforming trade assets into transferable instruments, we aim to improve the accessibility to an asset class – which has largely been the domain of banks – with participation from a broader range of investors. Not only can we potentially narrow the USD1.7 trillion global trade finance gap, this also offers investors the option to balance their portfolio with a digital token that has traceable intrinsic value.”


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