Poolz Has Made a Strategic $2.5M Investment in Virtual Gifting Protocol Gifto

Poolz, a decentralised cross-chain IDO platform built on top of Web 3.0 infrastructure, announced a strategic partnership with Gifto, the first-ever virtual gifting protocol, on January 22nd. As part of this collaboration, Poolz Ventures, the capital firm of Poolz, is investing $2.5M in GTO to support Gifto’s new roadmap for 2023.

Gifto is the first launchpad project in Binance and its mission is to bring new users into the Web3 ecosystem through a variety of products, including a user-friendly Web3 wallet and a store for content creators. The upcoming product rollout for Gifto in 2023 presents an opportunity for both Gifto and Poolz to strengthen their user bases and explore new opportunities for their ecosystems.  


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