Millions Invested by Venture Capital in 2023 Despite US War on Crypto

Despite regulatory uncertainty and attacks on the crypto sector in the United States, venture capital investment has continued to flow into the crypto and Web3 space. Some of the biggest fundraises in the sector so far in 2023 include LayerZero, which raised $120 million from a16z and Sequoia Capital, among others; Scroll ZKP, which secured $50 million in funding at a $1.8 billion valuation with investors including Polychain Capital and Sequoia; and Eigenlayer, which raised $50 million in a round led by Blockchain Capital. Other projects that have raised VC funding this year include Plai Labs with $32 million and Sei Network with $30 million. Companies in the crypto sector are also looking to Asia, with several large multi-million dollar funds launched to invest in Asian Web3 and crypto startups, and Hong Kong is poised to become a hub for VC investment when it rolls out its crypto framework in June. (cryptopotato)


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