French Financial Technology Company Fipto Received 15 Million Euros in Seed Round Financing, Led by Serena Capital and Motier Ventures

French fintech company Fipto raised €15 million in seed funding, led by Serena Capital and Motier Ventures. The core of Fipto's platform is dedicated to utilizing the potential of blockchain technology. Its comprehensive platform serves as an integrated payment and financial solution, allowing enterprises to seamlessly convert and transfer any currency, whether it is fiat or digital, while leveraging the unique advantages of blockchain. One of the standout features of the Fipto platform is its ability to facilitate real-time cross-border payments.


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  • The second fund of venture capital company P1 Ventures has raised US$25 million and plans to focus on financial technology and other fields.

    Venture capital firm P1 Ventures announced that its second fund has completed a first round of fundraising of $25 million. The new funds will focus on investing in financial technology, SaaS, artificial intelligence and other fields. P1 Ventures has previously invested in several Web3 startups, including leading a $2 million pre-seed round of financing for encrypted payment company Kotani, and participating in a $3 million seed round of financing for NFT sports and entertainment platform Eksab.
  • Encrypted blockchain project Fhenix received $7 million in financing, led by Multicoin Capital

    Fhenix, a confidential blockchain driven by fully homomorphic encryption (FHE), announced the completion of a $7 million seed round of financing led by Multicoin Capital and Collider Ventures, with participation from Node Capital, Bankless, HackVC, TaneLabs, and Metaplanet. These funds will be used to introduce the Fhenix network to the public testnet in early next year and support the development of ecosystem applications.
  • Amazon to Invest $4 Billion in Anthropic to Become Its Primary Partner

    According to Bloomberg News, Amazon will invest up to $4 billion in Anthropic, becoming a key partner in the field of generating artificial intelligence and demonstrating its trust in the popular startup company.As part of the deal, Anthropic will transfer most of its software to Amazon Web Services data centers and use the cloud computing company's local chips to train models to support chatbots and other applications.
  • European crypto fund Eureka partners completes $40 million in fundraising

    European encryption fund Eureka Partners has raised $40 million, with full participation from Nordic Venture Innovations AB. The funds raised by Eureka Partners will be used to accelerate its development in the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields. 
  • EJF Capital Closes $104m Fund to Invest in Early-Stage Fintech Companies

    EJF Capital LLC has successfully closed its EJF Ventures Fund LP, raising approximately $104m in capital commitments from both new and existing investors. The fund aims to invest in early-stage financial technology companies that are developing products with potential for widespread adoption across the financial services industry, with a focus on blockchain infrastructure, bank technology, and wealth management and capital markets software.
  • Antler will complete approximately US$75 million in pre-seed fund financing this quarter

    On September 22nd, early-stage venture capital firm Antler India announced that its first 6 billion rupee (approximately $75 million USD) pre-seed fund is about to complete its final closing, having already raised 5 billion rupees (approximately $62.5 million USD) and plans to finalize the fundraising in this quarter. The fund is supported by investors representing six institutions and sovereign wealth funds (including the Small Industries Development Bank of India) and 125 limited partners. The fund will focus on investing in Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC), Web3 infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and other fields.
  • Singaporean Financial Technology Company DCS Fintech Holdings Receives US$10 Million in Strategic Investment From Foresight Ventures

    According to Cointelegraph, Singaporean fintech company DCS Fintech Holdings has received a strategic investment of $10 million from Foresight Ventures to create a payment solution that links cryptocurrency and fiat currency.
  • Former Andreessen Horowitz Crypto Executives Raise $25M for Web3 Startup Bastion Despite Venture Capital Drought

    Despite a recent drop in venture capital funding, Bastion, a newly launched Web3 startup co-founded by two former executives from Andreessen Horowitz's crypto division, has raised $25 million in seed funding. The funding round was led by their former employer, a16z crypto, and will be used to scale company operations, recruit top engineering talent, and secure additional licensing to further diversify its product offerings.
  • The London Stock Exchange Has Developed a Blockchain-Based Digital Asset Business Plan and Will Launch Its First Digital Market Next Year

    On September 4th, the London Stock Exchange announced a new digital market business plan, becoming the first major exchange to offer broad trading of traditional financial assets on blockchain technology. Murray Roos, the head of capital markets at the stock exchange, said he had spent about a year researching the potential of blockchain-driven trading venues and that the decision to move forward with the plan has now been reached. Roos emphasized that the exchange will absolutely not build anything around cryptocurrency assets, but hopes to use technology that supports popular tokens like Bitcoin to improve the efficiency of buying, selling, and holding traditional assets.
  • Metaverse Construction Project STELSI Completed US$100 Million in Strategic Financing, Led by NGC Ventures

    The metaverse construction project STELSI has announced the completion of a strategic financing round of $100 million, led by NGC Ventures.It is reported that STELSI is a Web3 lifestyle platform built on blockchain technology, aimed at transforming the architecture and real estate industries. Currently, STELSI's partners include Korbit, Lambda256, Weple, enzyme, Betwin Space, and the Korean Institute of Architects.